Wednesday, July 1, 2020


This is by far my most favorite dish of Tilapia. Masarap naman talaga ang tilapia kahit isawsaw mo sa toyo na may calamansi, but this version with butter is our all-time fave. Minsan ang mga piniprito na dish e mas lalong sumasarap kapag nilalagyan ng sauce, d ba?

I already posted this on Instagram (follow me @itsshopgirljen) highlighting Wow Sarap, and may mga nagmessage asking me how I made the buttery sauce, kaya here it is.

Now that we're under a community quarantine, to avoid going to crowded places like palengke, we buy our tilapia in the supermarket. Mas safe din magsupermarket muna kasi mas controlled ang influx ng tao at may social distancing. Ok din kasi you can ask them na linisin nila ang tilapia, hehe!

Anyway, before I cook tilapia, I sprinkle a bit of all in one seasoning granules, this time we used Wow Sarap naman.

After mga 20-30 minutes, we fry the tilapia muna hanggang lutong luto.

Then here comes the secret recipe:

  • Soy Sauce
  • Half Lemon or calamansi
  • Onion (the more the merrier for me. Haha! But it's up to you gaano kadaming onion gusto mo)
  • Butter (tanchahin mo gaano kadaming butter)
  • Liquid Seasoning
  • Cooking Oil
  1. Sliced the onion
  2. Put cooking oil (super konti) in a frying pan. Kaya we still need cooking oil para to avoid masunog ang butter agad
  3. When the cooking oil is a bit hot the next step is to put the butter until cooked
  4. Put the sliced onions and haluin ng mabuti
  5. Squeezed the lemon or calamansi into the onion and sauce
  6. Put a bit of liquid seasoning
  7. After cooking everything, you can put them in the cooked tilapia

Charaaaaaannnn!!! Promise masarap sya!

It's time to upgrade the tilapia recipe, don't you think?

Kayo, saan kayo bumibili ng tilapia? Don't forget to tag me or share kung ginaya mo ito, Ok?

Stay safe!

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