Thursday, August 6, 2020


When it comes to classic Filipino food favorites, there are three key flavors we’re looking for: a bold combination of sweet, sour, and salty. While others are delivered all at once in a single presentation, Ineng’s Special Pork Barbecue has truly mastered the art of combining surprising flavors that Filipino dishes are known for. Together with the on-demand food delivery service foodpanda, restaurateur Michelle Ineng Santiago continues to grow her culinary credibility through their incredibly appealing Filipino food that we all know and love.

Ineng’s may be primarily known for its signature pork barbecue, but the restaurant has been polishing its reputation as a place for serious eating. “I’m the one who still prepares the marination for our barbecues, and I make sure to use only fresh meat, never frozen for all our dishes. We’re all about simple, satisfying, and soulful Filipino comfort food that we cook from scratch, which is why I consider our brand as one of the best. While pork barbecue and pancit are the two best-selling combos, our liempo dinuguan, chicken barbecue, sinigang, and Pinoy spaghetti are also popular choices,” said Ineng.  As a homegrown chef in the kitchen since 1999, Ineng capitalizes on tropical produce, an abundance of fresh seafood and meat in creating a unique brand of local cuisine. These and more are just some of the qualities that make her menu affordable and perfect for everyday meals.

For Ineng, when you understand that the key to a successful restaurant is uncompromising quality and your people, the possibilities are endless. “The pandemic today is a challenge, especially when we know that restaurants will be closed and the guests won’t be coming,” she narrated. I had to drive myself to fetch our employees during the ECQ since we all know the transportation was not available. “There were a lot of patrons looking for our barbecue, asking us if we can deliver. I’m thankful for our people’s commitment and passion for service, we were able to serve our customers and sustain the business. We’ve been through a lot; I can’t help but feel emotional every time I talk about our employees.”

As a restaurant owner, nothing is higher than Ineng’s priority list than the quality and safety of their food. “During the ECQ, we were heavily reliant on foodpanda. Not only were we connected to their vast network of delivery partners, but it also ensured that every food that we prepare remains fresh, safe, and delivered to our customers quickly.” On the plus side, while the whole city is in lockdown, Ineng reports they were able to deliver and serve customers in all their branches. This effort truly helped to preserve its operations during this unprecedented time. “Our partnership with foodpanda not only helped in marketing the restaurant but driving new consumer demand,” Ineng added.

Filipino food is truly a source of comfort and joy, that’s why we love it and a mainstay in everyone’s list of favorites. Whether you want classic, fusion, or something that reminds you of your childhood staple, foodpanda is the go-to delivery service that presents all kinds of wonderful surprises for the taste buds! Simply head over to the app and find something you like whether it’s barbecue, pork sisig, kare-kare, or beef caldereta. There are also endless choices of budget-friendly bites and potluck-worthy choices, which you can always order for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or merienda. Simply check out the best spots in the city as foodpanda offers the food that you love in one place! Enjoy them all while staying safe and hassle-free.

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