Saturday, August 8, 2020


There is no doubt that the best and most effective way of combating the Covid-19 virus and prevent its further spread, aside from an effective vaccine, is for the public to be well informed.
Taiwan is among the more than 200 countries around the world affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The World Health Organization (WHO) said there are 18,354,342 confirmed cases globally, with deaths amounting to 696,147. Despite these alarming numbers, Taiwan met the challenge with effective contact tracing measures, smart products and solutions, advanced preparations, swift action, and enough forward-thinking vision. Thus, the country became one of the most successful when it came to early containment and prevention to minimize the virus’ impact.

To date, Taiwan is largely considered as among the global “gold” standards in fighting the dreaded Covid-19. The Global Covid-19 Index (GCI), which compiles and analyzes daily data from 184 countries around the world, in its July 25, 2020 report, ranked Taiwan as among the Top 5 countries that can best recover from Covid-19.

Taiwan believes effective communication should be at the forefront of the fight against Covid-19 so it recently launched, a website where Taiwan shares its experience in fighting Covid-19 to affected countries around the world, including the Philippines. The website provides information to various stakeholders and also features some of Taiwan’s most advanced and state-of-the-art epidemic prevention measures and smart technologies in fighting the virus.
Equipping the Public with Information

 For the general public, the website effectively and comprehensively answers common questions and other information the public needs to know regarding the virus, such as the virus transmission, risks and complications that affect various age and gender demographics, even mental health concerns, the usual symptoms, and also what to do immediately in case of suspected infection and where to go for medical assistance.

Measures that the government can consider
In the Philippines, Local Government Units (LGUs), mostly the densely populated ones, may also benefit from the website since they can learn how the Taiwanese government conducts its own “Contact-Information-Based Measures” or “Contact Tracing” as it is called locally. It also shows how the Taiwanese government responds in terms of providing assistance to foreigners in Taiwan who may have Covid-19 related concerns, and how the Taiwanese government implements health and safety regulations and other important protocols to help prevent the spread of the virus upon initial reporting. It even shows how foreign governments can enter into collaborative and cooperative agreements with Taiwan and seek its knowledge in combating the virus.

Empowering the medical industry
Finally, by browsing the website, the Philippine medical community can also discover various Covid-19 diagnostic and treatment modes employed in Taiwan for confirmed cases that can be adopted locally. Medical professionals are also presented with different scenarios on how patients with special needs can be treated in case they are infected.

Enabling the business community to cope
To help them cope with the pandemic, the Philippine business community may also browse through the website and learn how to keep their businesses afloat in such a difficult time. Information on smart supply management solutions, plus measures on how companies can help protect their employees through face masks and other protective equipment, may be found on the website. There are also actual experiences by Taiwanese businesses that enabled them to mitigate the devastating impact of the Covid-19 contagion.

Over the past few years, the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) has been a reliable partner of Filipino businesses in connecting and doing business with quality Taiwan suppliers, products and services. TAITRA continues to introduce Taiwan companies to its Philippine counterparts through frequent dialogues and business familiarization tours even prior to Covid-19.

The contagion did not stop TAITRA in its endeavors as it organized various online events for the benefit of stakeholders amid the pandemic, such as “Taiwan’s Medical Services and Epidemic Prevention Experience Sharing” ( held last July, and even the online product presentation via YouTube of “Taiwan Biomedical Solution to Covid-19 and Genetic Analysis,” organized by Hsinchu Science Park and TAITRA, and featured some of the top biomedical companies in Taiwan.

Taiwan believes that the fight against the virus continues and there should be no letup to control it. Its model of excellence in fighting the disease has become a hallmark, and the Taiwanese government is more than willing to share to other affected countries in the world its best practices to help finally end this debilitating pandemic.

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