Monday, November 9, 2020


Lysol has been known for its germ-killing ability, well recognized for its disinfectant sprays and other well-known household cleaning and disinfecting products. In fact, the name Lysol for 100 years now has long been synonymous with disinfection, and has been in use in hotels, hospitals and clinics. Moreover, numerous scientific studies have been conducted that back-up Lysol’s disinfecting abilities and its ability in inactivating different virus strains.

These days, with an increased awareness on proper personal hygiene, particularly regular and thorough washing and disinfection of hands, Lysol saw the critical need to respond to the demands of community wellbeing. Thus, with this critical need, Lysol Hand Sanitizer now comes to the market – addressing the necessity of on-the-go hand sanitization with superior efficacy.

With Lysol Hand Sanitizer, Filipinos now have an additional daily source of protection from contamination – convenient, versatile, handy – just when you need it! 

Lysol hand sanitizers contain a superior, marketing leading 71% alcohol that’s proven effective in killing 99.9% germs. What’s more, Lysol hand sanitizers are dermatologically tested to be safe and gentle on skin, are non-sticky too!

So, in times like these when practicing personal sanitation is a must, it’s good to know that there’s a Lysol product that you can now take with you anywhere you go – an alcohol-based sanitizer that can help reduce the number of microbes on hand — keeping you safe from possible viruses obtained from contaminated surfaces that are frequently touched: lift buttons, moneys and even your mobile phones.
Lysol Hand Sanitizer is available in 50ml at PHP65 and 200ml at PHP190 bottles at leading retail outlets. 

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