Thursday, December 3, 2020


It’s a universal truth that drinking eight glasses of water a day is good for our health. There are many benefits to it – from maintaining a clear mind, having glowing healthy skin, and even giving a much-needed boost to the immune system. 

With everyone doing all their activities indoors, there’s an even greater need to stay hydrated and be refreshed at home. Here are some tips that one can follow to embrace drinking water as a healthy daily habit:

Start the day with a refreshing glass of water 

Sleeping for six to eight hours is a long period of time without any water consumption. So, it is no surprise that upon waking up, the body craves for a glass of water first thing in the morning.  Drinking water is a good way to rehydrate the body and get it ready for the day ahead as it can boost alertness and improve energy levels. It also cleanses out toxins that have accumulated overnight, giving the body a clean, fresh start. 

Keep a glass of water while working or studying  

Just like before when people would bring a water bottle or jug when leaving the home, it is also important to have a glass or tumbler nearby so one can readily take a sip whenever they are feeling parched. This simple routine is helpful in keeping on track one’s daily water requirement and helps cool down in between attending meetings, doing assignments, and taking care of household chores.  

Take a sip before digging in to every meal 

The best starter before every meal is a glass of water. This helps prepare the body for better digestion to enjoy food. Those who are trying to lose weight also find this tip to be effective as drinking more liquids can give a feeling of fullness and help control appetite. It is also recommended to drink water after an hour of eating to give body time to absorb the nutrients. 

Finish a jug of water when exercising

Make working out a daily habit and establish a goal to empty out a full bottle of water before finishing the activity. Take sips of water in between routines to avoid feeling light-headed as exercising can drain the body’s liquids and trigger the feeling of dehydration. Water also gives enough energy to fuel the muscles for a longer work out and better performance. 

Have a water tracker and set alarms for drinking 

Never miss an hour or minute to refresh by setting up reminders for daily water intake. Nowadays, it is very convenient as there are apps that can help track how much water has been consumed throughout the day. These apps also help set drinking goals that recommend the amount of water that is suited for one’s weight.

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