Monday, February 22, 2021


Taking care of your skin is more important than covering up. 

In today's fast-paced world, busy scheds, stress and all, taking care of ourselves is a must to keep our health, body, mental, in check. And one of the best investment is to focus more on our skin as it is the largest organ in our body. We really need to give our utmost care to our skin.

And speaking of taking care of your skin, I'm happy to share with you that Bio Science is going to be available at Shopee.

It's time to Glow Like Gold...

Secret to Golden Glowing and Younger looking Skin is here....Its Bio-Gold Range of Products from Bio-Science.
Infused with Real 24K Gold, Bio-Gold products works magically on your skin, and you can notice the soft, supple and glowing skin in as early as 7 days. 

Bio-Science Bio-Gold Radiance Cleanser (Face Wash) for Age-Defy & Radiant Glow 100g

Bio-Science Bio-Gold Radiance Cleanser Face Wash 100 gm- Age-Defy Anti-Aging Face Wash Infused With Natural Ingredient 24K Gold For Radiant and Glowing Skin and Gives Protection Against Wrinkles and Fine Lines
  • Infused with Bio-Energy Complex™, and Natural Ingredient 24K Gold, Bio-Science Bio-Gold Radiance Cleanser Face wash protects your skin against free radicals that leads to fine lines, wrinkles and ageing.
  • It removes daily impurities and unclogs pores of stubborn residue. 
  • Instantly refreshes and hydrates skin with no tight feeling after wash. 
  • Bio-Science Bio-Gold Radiance Cleanser Face Wash gives your skin gentle cleansing and improves skin elasicity and radiance. 
  • 24K Gold gives anti-oxidant protection to your skin which helps in Age Defy. 
  • 24K Gold targets dark pigmentation and increases radiance look to your skin. 
  • Squeeze sufficient amount onto palm and lather with water. Gently massage onto face in a circular motion and rinse off with water. • Suitable for all skin types.

Bio-Science Bio-Gold Rose Gold Water 100ml- Age Defy Anti-Aging Toner + Serum Infused With Natural Ingredient 24K Gold And Japanese Rose Extract Ejitsu For Intensive Moisturizing and Nourishment Benefit & Preventing Skin Against Wrinkles and Fine Lines.

Bio Science Bio-Gold Rose Gold Water infused with Japanese rose extract, Ejitsu, which gives maximum hydration and smoothens skin texture. 24K Gold provides anti-oxidant protection to the skin against free radicals therby delaying first signs of fine lines/wrinkles and hence ageing.

Bio-Science Bio-Gold Day Cream SPF 25 40g- Age-Defy Anti-Aging Moisturizing Day Cream with Sun Protection (SPF 25)
  • Infused with Natural Ingredient 24K Gold for Rejuvenated, Revitalized and Refreshed Skin and Gives Protection Against Wrinkles and Fine Line
  • The new Bio-Gold 24K Gold Day Cream provides just the right amount of anti-oxidant power to not only helps protect the skin from free radicals that result in fine lines, but also gives skin an awakening boost in the day.
  • After cleansing and toning, apply in the morning on face and neck. Massage gently in circular motions until the cream is fully absorbed.

Also, get this Amazing Vanity Pouch free with every Bio-Science order with NO MINIMUM PURCHASE. 

Get yours as well on Shopee as Bio-Science is available with discounts UP TO 55% for their Grand Launch from 22-28th Feb. 

Lets have Glowing Younger-Looking Skin with Bio-Science Bio-Gold  Products. #GoNaturalWithBioScience 

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