Sunday, February 14, 2021


With reference to a famous quote, "Food tastes better when you eat it with your Family", this is actually true and somehow can relate since the fambam loves to eat a lot.

We tend to explore food trends and try out different food combination recipes as long as we  satisfy our cravings. Not only do we treat food as our source of nutrition and energy, it is also our way of relieving stress and anxiety. There's actually a lot of studies that food correlates with our mood and feelings, and that it is a great way to express what we we feel. 

Daddykins and I enjoy spending time with our children. One of the things we love doing is bonding over food and having our meals together. More studies show that families who eat together are happier and healthier. This will definitely help any family to have better communication and show our love for one another. Sitting around the table, having your favorite meal, and talking about the day is important. As a wife to daddykins and a mommy to my 2 girls, Sofi and Isha, I show my love for them by preparing food for them, preparing their favorite dishes, giving them healthy meals. making sure that they are well-fed.  

How do we show our love to our family and friends? We can show our love and our appreciation to our family and friends by giving them their favorite dishes, cooking or even baking their favorite desserts. Giving food to our loved ones is one of the greatest act to show how much we care and remember them. By doing so, we make them feel appreciated and important to us.

Speaking of favorite food, before quarantine, favorite naming fambam lumabas and kumain sa labas. Minsan we also meet our friends and have a good convo over yummy food, d ba? We love trying out restaurants and excites our palate with good food. May occasion or may celebration? We hang-out and eat. Pero dahil quarantine and we can't go out like we used to, nakakamiss ang mga favorites na hindi natin makain. Isa sa favorite namin ang mga all-day breakfast meals. But may good news ako. I'm glad I discovered a brand that can satisfy our all-day breakfast cravings. Woot!

Mekeni is available to cater our all-day breakfast meals cravings. And by showing my love to the fambam, agad agad kong niluto ang tapsilog at tocilog, haha! Honestly, ang sarap ng Beef Tapa and Classic Sweet Tocino ng Mekeni. They're soft, and tender. And we had spaghetti with lots of Mekeni Picnic Red Hotdog for the girls. Yum.

Though we love trying out food trends, I love that Mekeni offers a wide-array of classic Filipino favorites. Iba pa din ang traditional food to satisfy our palates. Mekeni offers a variety of home-style goodness na for sure magugustuhan ng buong family. Aside sa Classic Sweet Tocino,  Beef Tapa, and Picnic Red Hotdog, Mekeni also has Picnic Cheezy Hotdog, Mekeni Gluten-Free Chicken Longanisa, Belly Bacon, Go Lite Yogurt Sausage.

To show your love and have a fantastic, awesome time with your fambam over a delicious meal, make sure to include Mekeni products in your next grocery trip so you can satisfy your classic Filipino dishes cravings anytime of the day. Mekeni products are available in all leading supermarket nationwide.

For more info on Mekeni products, check out their website here can also check out their FB Page for more updates.

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