Sunday, March 14, 2021


 Is your child a fussy eater? 

You are not alone, mommy! Most of the time, moms feel that their efforts go unnoticed as their children turn away from the delicious and filling meals they serve. Even though it is considered normal for growing kids, this kind of behavior needs parental intervention because this may lead to skipping meals.

But no matter how picky they are, there are a lot of things you can do to help your kids eat better. Mekeni Food Corporation listed down mom-approved tips you should consider to make mealtime more enjoyable for your little ones. 

Add a dash of creativity
We all eat with our eyes first and yes, even kids do that! Make mealtime exciting for your kids with the way you plate and present food to them. Infuse various tastes, vivid colors, and even texture to the dish you serve just like how a gourmet meal is served in a fancy restaurant. Surely, kids will want to eat their food right away!

You can also put a twist to their meals by adding different styles and layering different tastes to tickle their taste buds. Hotdog in a bun? Boring. Grilled cheese hotdog sandwich topped with shredded cheddar cheese, some pickle relish, and a dollop of mayo and mustard? Divine! Play with shapes too or their favorite cartoon characters by serving their meals bento-style.

Sprinkle consistency to daily meal
One of the factors that can influence kids’ eating habits is time. Make sure that you put consistency in their mealtime by setting up a routine especially on what time they should have their breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as snack times.

You can also make their everyday meals more nutritious by mixing veggies into their favorites and creating a totally different meal! How does roasted veggies with tiny pieces of hotdog and ham sound?  

Drizzle mealtimes with delightful memories 
Who says you can only bond over mealtime? Involve your children in food preparation so they can learn at an early stage and feel the fulfillment in preparing and serving food to the family. Not only that you get to make memories with them while in the kitchen, but you can make them feel more invested in the meal.

By involving them in food preparation, you can also tickle their creativity. Allow them to experiment on shapes and flavors that will let them enjoy the food more! 
Top off mealtimes with love
Sharing meals with the whole family is one of the best ways to help kids eat better and maintain a happy heart. This does not only allow you and your kids to talk, but this also enhances their health and well-being. Didn’t you notice? Kids are happier when everyone at home is at the table and happily eating together. 

All these mom-approved tips are proven and tested to make mealtimes even more fun for kids, just like Mekeni Food Corporation’s PICNIC Hotdog! Available in Red and Cheesy Brown variants, moms can attest that kids and kids-at-heart love its juicy, delicious, and meaty flavor in every bite. #PicnicIsMomApproved as it makes eating time more fun and exciting! 

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