Thursday, April 15, 2021


The other morning as I was scrolling down my FB newsfeed for the latest updates I saw a post that there has been a "mini flood" along Edsa. Napag-isip ako if umulan ba ng malakas habang tulog tayo para maging baha levels sya. Yun pala may damage ang isa sa mga pipes. Ohnoes!

Sa panahon ng pandemic, we all know water is essential. From hydrating ourselves, to washing our hands and maintaining the cleanliness of our surroundings, water is as important as fresh air. And seeing the mini flood along Edsa sobrang nakaka worry dahil we are now experiencing dry season tapos ilang oras na yung sirang pipe na nagca-cause ng flood. Sayang yung tubig!!!

And if may sirang water pipe, who do we blame? Manila Water, of course. Kasi pag sinabing water kasi Manila Water ang unang pumapasok sa isip natin. At kapag may sirang pipes in some places Manila Water ang nasisisi. But upon reading the press statements from Manila Water it has been discovered that the main culprit of the water pipe damage was from the third party contractor, Awin Technology - a contractor of MMDA doing CCTV network installation. 

Sometimes it's easier to be a keyboard warrior and blame what we thought is the frontline when in fact there is a 3rd party involved in the damage. And this is not the first time that something like this happened to Awin Technology. For everyone's info, this is the sixth time the contractor damaged the pipes since last year ( 4 last year and 2 this year).

Thank God the repair has been completed and I'm sure by now all the affected areas and baranggays are already restored their water as early as 6am that day. 

Lesson learned: Let's not be a keyboard warrior and maghanap agad ng masisisi. Our goal is to get to the bottom of it. Let's do some research and reading before we put the blame dahil for sure may mga 3rd. 4th party na involved.

Kudos to Manila Water for providing clean water for our netizens despite the lack of rain in the past months.

Stay safe, everyone!

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