Thursday, May 6, 2021


The pandemic has forced Filipinos to spend significantly more time at home, thus drastically altering the way we live. Even the way spaces at home is needed have changed. One’s home has become an integral part of a person’s overall well-being. It is no longer just a place to return to after a long day. It is also one’s office, school, playground, and gym.

Danilyn’s is a company that has been helping homeowners and homebuilders create beautiful, safe, and comfortable spaces since it was established in 1991. They have continued to inspire their customers to focus on something they can control – customizing furniture pieces and soft home furnishings that allowed them to achieve the feeling they want to convey with their space. 

Linda Medallo, Founder and CEO of Danilyn’s says, “We have always helped homeowners create a space they have desired. And in our 30th year, we continue with this mission of making their places beautiful, relaxing, and enjoyable. In a world where COVID-19 still exists, living the best life for anyone today can only be done at home, so why not make the home the best it can be?”

COVID-19 has forced many businesses to shift their focus to adjust to this totally new experience, and Danilyn’s is not immune to that. But despite a very tough past year from shutdowns, cancelled projects, reduced sales, and more importantly affected workers, Danilyn’s pushed through by dealing with the challenge on hand by adjusting schedules by having shifting and skeletal workforce, working remotely, while helping customers re-purpose their own spaces and even accommodating non-core projects such as PPE’s and masks to get by. God-willing, Danilyn’s kept their head above waters making the best of what they have and keeping its people and customers’ best interests at heart. 

Staying true to their core, the company’s manufacturing capabilities focuses on high-quality furniture, window treatments, pet furniture, and soft furnishings. Danilyn’s furniture pieces showcase artistry in the midst of coziness. Window treatments, whether curtains or blinds, provide ambience like no other and are available in a wide variety of designs and materials. Pet furniture products are stylish and provide classic comfort; while Danilyn’s line of throw pillows, bed sheets, comforters, duvets, table cloths, and slip-on covers are tailor-made to give users a touch of privilege. Adding to its value, working with Danilyn’s give its customers a peace of mind with its dependability on delivery commitments and flexible warranty options.

In addition to Danilyn’s experience over 30 years in the manufacturing space, they also provide a variety of services to all kinds of customers: residential, corporate, and even professionals. Danilyn’s is flexible to work with a customers’ preferred Interior Designer and Architects to execute dream projects having a vast experience of bringing to life some of the most complex plans and designs the industry had to offer. And if a customer does not have a preferred designer, it’s not a problem as Danilyn’s can give access to some of the best professionals in the country. To also help manage the customers’ budget, Danilyn’s also offer services that saves the customers’ existing furniture pieces by re-modeling, re-furbishing, and/or re-upholstering them. It allows you to let your old pieces have a new life.

Whatever today’s new normal has done to your lives, Danilyn’s can help you re-imagine and adjust your spaces the way you now need it to be.

To contact or know more about Danilyn’s offerings and services, call 632) 8850-46-38 to 39; (632) 8809-2269or email them at

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