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Fashion lovers can attest - a flawless outfit is only as perfect as the OOTD that captures it. Lighting, angles, pose - these are all factors that can add the cherry on top of your overall look to make sure you stand out on a cluttered feed. That’s why you need to make sure your smartphone’s camera is as powerful as your sartorial statement. 

If anyone knows how to strut their stuff on social media, it’s your favorite celebrities and content creators. After all, they are experts in front of the camera, right? In this article, we round up some of our favorite OOTD posts taken with the all-new OPPO Reno5 Series, which boasts a revolutionary state of the art camera system, and all the tricks to snap your chic looks in photo and in motion.

Two is better than one

Gone are the days where you can only shoot video with the front or the back camera. Why not shoot with both at the same time to capture the full story? Nadine Lustre shows off the smooth capture of the Dual View Video feature, using the Reno5’s 44MP selfie camera and the 64MP quad back camera, as she plays around and arranges florals at home.

Mix and match - with a twist

In the early days of photography, double exposures used to be an accidental occurrence when one forgets to advance the film before pressing the shutter button again. This effect, while once undesirable, has now seen a resurgence in photography and the creative space. With AI Mixed Portrait, it is now possible to create double exposures - blending two different photos together - for added mystery for your fashion snap. 

Pro-tip: Just make sure the background you are standing against is of a solid colour for a more dramatic effect. Or like with David Guison, find someone who is willing to take breathtaking photos with you!

Stand out from the rest 

In a mundane world, where fashion flows and trends keep coming, it’s easy to get stuck in what everyone else is doing. Don’t let the world take away your uniqueness! With AI Color Portrait intelligently keeps the foreground in colour and in-focus, while blurring out the background. 

Make all the colors pop

If you’re like Aryanna Epperson, and maximalism is your style, AI Scene Enhancement can provide that much-needed brightness for your photo. And it’s not just your outfit that can get a boost - your background can too! This feature can optimize over twenty different scenes, whether outdoor or indoor, and even prints and patterns! 

Neon nights, what a beautiful sight 

The Reno5 series already has the capability to take portrait shots even in low light. No good lighting, no problem! Thanks to the Ultra Night Mode feature but the Night Flare Portrait mode makes it even better. As seen on David Guison’s photo, this effect saturates the colours behind the subject and adjusts the level of brightness in the background, no matter how dim, allowing for some truly fascinating shots.

Freeze moments in motion

It may be hard to capture an exact moment, but not anymore thanks to the Reno5’s Image-Clear Engine. Embedded into the phone’s operating system, this feature allows you to take clear portraits in a snap. If you’re like Keiko Nakajima who likes to transition in-between poses, or dancing along to the soundtrack of your mini-shoot, your photo is as crisp and clear as ever.

All of these and so much more are available in the OPPO Reno5. Test the limits of your creativity without getting bogged down by subpar camera features, as the Reno5 series gives you four powerful cameras working in tandem with these six features and more, to help you truly define who you really are. 

Pick one up and start shooting your personal fashion editorial the way they were designed to be taken with the OPPO Reno5!

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