Thursday, May 20, 2021


In celebration of Migrant Workers’ Day, let’s get an OFW home—from anywhere in the world. FWD’s online bayanihan campaign for OFWs lets you do that. Plus, win in monthly raffle and earn rewards convertible to eGCs. So join now!

The community pantries that have mushroomed all over the country are proof that despite the hard times, we, Filipinos, never lost our bayanihan spirit. For a good cause, we are willing to go the extra mile and work with others. We can set up on the streets, hand out food the whole day, and do the same thing the next day.

Digital bayanihan for our OFWs

This June, in celebration of the National Migrant Workers’ Day celebrated every June 7, FWD Insurance’s campaign “Digital Bayanihan for OFW Heroes” calls on that same bayanihan spirit—this time in digital. And for our OFWs, our modern-day heroes.

You only need your mobile phone to participate.

The goal: Get an OFW of your choice a ticket back home, from anywhere in the world.

The task: Gather a group and work together to accumulate 60,000 points (chosen OFW from Asia) or 120,000 points (chosen OFW from outside Asia) in the FWD Affiliates app.

 It’s quite simple:

1. Sign up. Sign up to the promo at 

2. Download. Register and download the FWD Affiliate PH app. Available in App Store and Playstore.

3. Recruit. Recruit five or more people—the whole barangay if you want to!

4. Accumulate. Work with your group to accumulate points in the app.

 Three ways you’re winning! Help. Win. Earn

The first 10 groups to accumulate 60,000 points (chosen OFW from Asia) or 120,000 points (chosen OFW from outside Asia) in the app will get a one-way ticket back home for their nominated OFWs, from anywhere in the world. Weekly leaderboards are posted on FWD site,

But as an individual member of a group, you also have a chance to win individual prizes with the monthly raffle promo. FWD Insurance is giving away, every month, amazingly fun prizes—hotel accommodations, buffet vouchers, gadgets, fun classes, and airfare tickets, all of which you can avail of when all of this is over! Every point you earn is one raffle entry. So, the more individual points you have, the more chances of you winning.

But wait, there’s more. Did we tell you that you can redeem your points for gift certificates? FWD Affiliate PH app is a rewards app that really lets you accumulate points you can exchange for Sodexo gift certificates. So, all the points you will earn when you share content, get signups or sales, will not be wasted. After the promo period, you can convert them to actual rewards like Sodexo eGCs and, if you continue to use the app, you can continue to earn and redeem points. There’s no end to earning!

So hey, no-brainer, right!? What are you waiting for? Sign up now at Visit to view terms and conditions.

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