Monday, November 15, 2021


It's the most wonderful time of the year. Can't believe my favorite season is here, and we will be celebrating Christmas in a few weeks. Times may be hard, but despite the challenges of the pandemic, we still have more reasons to celebrate Christmas with our family and loved ones. More reasons to enjoy each other's company with bonding moments, stories and of course, with delicious food in between. Hindi pasko if walang masarap na handa, d ba? It may not be super extravagant, but the important is masarap dapat, and pwedeng pagsalu-saluhan ng family.

And speaking of delicious food, let me share with you my latest discovery. Check out my table spread, in time for Christmas. And if you're looking for non-traditional food to serve this Christmas, this one's for you.

Say hello to Salmon HQ. Your one-stop shop for anything baked sushi and the freshest salmon out there.

It's true! Salmon HQ's Premium Salmon is one of the freshest salmon I've tasted. And sobrang aliw din ng concept na as a cake and Naked Salmon Cake. Very unique. You can also customize your Sushi Cake. If I could eat this everyday, I would. Hehe! Pero seriously, their Premium Salmon Cake is perfect for gift-giving or as a center for celebration. They're also available in platter and other combinations. For sure na lahat ng sushi lovers out there will definitely love this! 

Salmon HQ also offers Noodles and Bakes. They have small, medium, large and party sizes. You can also add spiciness or upgrade to cauliflower rice. Nori sheet is included in your order, too.

We love the generous servings and it's packed with lots of toppings. And you can eat it without nori sheet, too! It's very tasty and everything are fresh.

Feast your eyes with these yummy dishes from Salmon HQ.

Baked Sushi is one of the quarantine food that made the trend last year, and it's one of my fave. If you love california maki you'll definitely love its version of baked sushi. Salmon HQ's Crunchy California is one for the books. 

Crunchy California

Tako Yummy (octopus)

Poke Nachos (one of our fave!). We super loved this! Sobrang siksik ang toppings and so flavorful. "Ang sarap talaga nito", us at every bite. Haha!

Seafood Wafu Pasta (daddykins fave!)

Perfect Christmas table spread! 

So, if you're craving for some japanese dishes this Christmas, or you want to excite your palate, don't forget to check out Salmon HQ. Beat the rush! Hurry and place your order now before it's too late. YOu may check them out via their FB Page or Instagram

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