Friday, April 29, 2022

How to stay happy, healthy, and vibrant

You worked hard for years to get ahead in your professional career, you mustered the courage to become an entrepreneur and succeeded in growing your business, you put in countless long hours and made sacrifices to create a stable life for yourself and your family.

Now you’re at the stage where you have earned enough money and want to celebrate life, live more—and worry less about the future. In short, you want to be happy! You can do all this when you know your health, physical wellness, and finances are secured with a health plan that goes beyond the ordinary.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned during this pandemic, it’s that a healthy life is a happy life. A healthy life starts with preventing illness with proper nutrition, exercise, healthy habits, and screening for illnesses. Remember that life should be about spending time with your loved ones or being productive. Or discovering new passions that make you feel even more alive, or enjoying your well-deserved retirement.

Ensuring that your life is made up of moments that bring you joy means worrying less about things that may come. Having a health insurance plan that fully understands what you want and need out of life is key.

If you’re shopping for health insurance or looking to upgrade your current one, try FWD Life Insurance’s Vibrant Critical Illness Plan. Here are FWD Vibrant’s features that will convince you that this complete health plan is the one you need to stay happy, healthy, and vibrant!

You’re covered from screening to treatment to recovery.

Protecting your health goes beyond covering and treating illnesses. For FWD, protecting your health means getting you covered from screening to treatment to recovery. And because you want to live a life creating and collecting happy experiences and memories, it’s only sensible to find a policy that gives you complete health protection.

You can monitor your health and wellbeing.

Most experts agree that if you are under the age of 50 and in good health, you’re supposed to get a health screening once every three years. However, you can do your body better by getting into the habit of scheduling checkups even while you’re young. Because the best way to reduce health risks is to monitor your health and get an actual lab work done.  

FWD’s plan includes a cash incentive so you can monitor your health and wellbeing every two years! To be more specific, you get 0.2% of your benefit amount every two years, starting on your second policy year, to spend on medical tests and checkups. The best part is you can get this up to your 10th policy year!

You can claim up to 6x when diagnosed with major critical illnesses.
With more protection, you can focus on getting back into shape. This plan offers up to 6x claims for 57 critical illnesses (3x times for cancer-related sicknesses, 3x for non-cancer sicknesses, including three times for heart attack and stroke).

You also get 25% of the benefit amount up to a maximum of Php 1,000,000 if diagnosed with a covered minor critical illness.

You can focus on your health with less worries.

Receiving a diagnosis of critical illness can be a difficult time. Paying your insurance premium might be the last thing on your mind. FWD understands this, which is why this plan waives all future premiums after the diagnosis and approval of the first major critical illness or disability claim.

You get extra care so you can live life to the fullest.

If you’re diagnosed with a critical illness, a physician will prescribe maintenance medicine to help you continue living your life to the fullest. Sadly, maintenance meds do not come cheap, and they can put a dent in your savings account. A 2019 Pulse Asia Survey published on the Department of Health’s website even reveals that 99% of Filipinos do not buy all their prescription medications because they find medicines expensive.

Fortunately, FWD’s Vibrant Critical Illness Plan has Health Supplement Benefit that gives you 2% of your benefit amount (that’s the amount you were covered for) every month for six months upon your first major critical illness claim to help you with your recovery.

You can celebrate your life and milestones.
You will receive a maturity benefit that is 100% of your benefit amount on your policy anniversary when you reach 100 years old without making any major critical illness claims. Or should you pass away and never made any major critical illness claim, your beneficiary will receive 100% of the benefit amount as a death benefit.

You’re free to boost your benefits.

Most traditional health insurance plans have a definite, concrete set of benefits that don’t allow much room for adjustments. FWD, however, understands that everyone’s situation varies. You may need additional benefits as you grow older or as your health condition changes.

FWD is one step ahead! The Vibrant Critical Illness Plan allows you to “boost” it with additional benefits:

• RecoveryPro: A booster that helps with medical expenses. You’ll receive PHP 1,000 to PHP 10,000 for each day of hospital confinement and double that if you’re in intensive care unit (ICU).

• SafetyPro: Your family will get 2x the benefit amount if you die from an accident. Your beneficiaries will receive 3x if the accident happens on an official Philippine holiday.

• LifePro: This is an add-on that gives your family additional cash benefit when you die. It also provides an additional 20% of the benefit amount if death happens abroad.

No other health plan combines wellness, screening, treatment, and recovery like FWD's Vibrant Critical Illness Plan.

Check out FWD Vibrant Critical Illness Plan or book an appointment with an FWD financial advisor to find out more about this complete health insurance product, and discover how you can stay healthy, happy, and vibrant and celebrate living!


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