Wednesday, January 11, 2023

My One-Word this 2023

Before I post anything else here on the blog, let me do something different. Napansin ko kasi bihira or wala na akong personal post. Though I appreciate our brand partners, campaigns, and projects that is posted here, this 2023 I want to be more in touch with my readers, especially the ones who are still reading here. Sakto with the new year, I will be more personal, and I hope magawa ko sya kahit at least once a week. Gusto nyo ba ng more kwento? hehe! Minsan kasi ang hirap magkwento sa social media kasi madaldal ako by nature, haha! Hindi naman pwede magkwento sa caption and ang hirap din i-edit. Lol! 

And since one week palang tayo sa 2023, let's start today, shall we? :)

Every new year lagi ako nakakabasa ng "What is your One Word?". Napag-iisip ako. Actually, sa every year kong naririnig yang question na yan may naiisip akong one word, pero hanggang doon lang, sa isip lang tapos makakalimutan ko na. Haha! This time, I even asked daddykings if may one word sya for this year. And after sharing his thoughts may one word na nag quicken sa akin and I looked it up right away sa google kung anong meaning nun.

And according to mareng google, Flourish means to grow luxuriantly : thrive. : to achieve success : prosper. a flourishing business. : to be in a state of activity or production. 

When I read that na-inspire ako bigla and I decided that it will be my one word for 2023. And of course, I searched the meaning of flourish in biblical terms, and nagustuhan ko din yung nakasulat - "to put forth anew," or "to make put forth anew". Ang ganda, d ba? Gusto din ni God mag flourish tayo in all aspect, whether with our personal, emotional, and spiritual. To flourish in God, it means being confident, compassionate and courageous in our living.

Kaya sakto ngayong 2023, may I thrive more, do more, give more, and to make sure I give my very best. May I flourish in all aspect of my life... by God's grace. :)

Kayo, ano ang one word nyo ngayong taon?

I hope you'll stay around again this 2023. I will try to be more consistent magkwento and magshare. :) Feel free to comment below if may gusto kayong topic that you want me to share. 

May we all have a blessed and abundant year! 

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