Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Creating Love and Memories at Home

Family, where life begins and love never ends. 

Have you seen the latest video of Maxene Magalona? A heartwarming Valentine's Day video from PLDT Home where Maxene shared her fondest memory of her late father, the legendary rapper, Francis Magalona. You can watch it here: pldthome.info/HerFirstLoveMommyJen

We all know the bond Francis had with his family when he was still alive. I can vividly remember some of his interviews where his wife Pia can be seen beside him or one of his children. You can actually feel that he was a dedicated, loving husband and father.

Fast forward today, no wonder Maxene can still feel the love of her father. In the video, she pens a letter to her late father, where she describes how her father taught her the true meaning of love. “For you, love is about acceptance and non-judgment. You love others the way you want to be loved—by just letting you be who you are,” she writes.

 “The love my dad showed me is my first love. He was a very genuine person. He showed everyone sincerity and respect. And to me, that’s love – accepting people for who and where they are,” Maxene says.

Love, indeed, is patient and kind. Maxene continues to live on the love that her dad taught her. “The love you experience at home is the love that you model,” she shares. “Love is a safe space where you will be accepted and not judged.” 

For some of us, first love actually began at home. That's why I'm teary eyed, sentimental, and I couldn't composed myself to write, because I grew up not being around with my father that much. He was (and still) an OFW. Back then, without technology, we can only spend one month together and snail mail the rest of the year. I can say our relationship is casual and no deeper memories. Grew up feeling broken because he was not physically present when I needed him the most - my adolescent years. 

The time I got engaged to daddykins, we had a heart to heart talk. He knows my family history and how I love to have a complete family. I even told daddykins one time that he is not allowed to be an OFW not unless he bring us along, too. Hehe! We're now 17 years married and blessed with two beautiful girls. We are doing our very best to spend time with our girls, giving them advices, guiding them, supporting them, knowing their likes and interests, and most importantly, to create more memories with them.  

I just hope and pray that someday, when my girls look back, they will have the fondest memories of us as a family. That they feel loved, and cherished. I hope someday just like what Maxene shared, our girls will say that their first love was found at home. 

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