Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Bath time just got more colorful

When building a home, everyone dreams of being able to create a space that they truly love. Whether this means having a house that reflects your unique personality or a space that gives you a sense of true serenity, this can easily be achieved by carefully choosing the colors and finishes of your furniture. With the newly launched finishes by American Standard – Polished Cool Sunrise, Brushed Hard Graphite and Matte Black, consumers are now able to add a more personal touch to their bathroom spaces.

Every color has a story. Which one fits yours?

Polished Cool Sunrise

The timeless beauty of Polished Cool Sunrise will brighten up your home. Whether you prefer a more sophisticated feel or want a touch of vibrant color to your bathroom, this bright gold polish can infuse your space with a comforting glow that will match what you’re looking for. With this color, light gracefully dances across its glossy finish which helps you create a warm and joyful ambiance in your home. 

Brushed Hard Graphite 

For those who want to transform their bathroom space, the stunning Brushed Hard Graphite shade and its rich grey hue and textured finish is perfect. If you pair this finish with dark or earth tones, this will create an atmosphere of zen and tranquility in any room. However, if you’re looking to add more unique character to your home, its industrial-inspired look and refined appearance can also effortlessly balance style and functionality.

Matte Black 

The striking beauty of Matte Black helps you escape the noise of everyday life within your home. This finish can either help you set a bold statement or establish understated elegance — all because of its rugged all-black texture that exudes a commanding presence and leaves a lasting impression.

Elevate your bathroom with Acacia Evolution and EasySet

All three-color finishes are available in the Acacia Evolution faucets, EasySet Concealed Auto Temperature Mixer and EasySet Exposed Auto Temperature and select accessories. 

Elevate the look and feel of the bathroom with the modern, minimalistic clean lines of Acacia Evolution fittings. With EcoStart, Acacia Evolution faucet releases cold water instead of warm water upon lifting the lever, saving you up to 30% of precious energy as it prevents the boiler from heating up. To get hot water, you will only need to move the lever to the left, and by providing a resistance midway when lifting the lever, ClickMove gives you better water volume control, saving you water. Lastly, ComfortMove provides smooth handle performance for optimal precision and comfort.

The EasySet Auto Temperature Mixers, which come in both Concealed and Exposed variants, will elevate your showering experience to a whole new level of comfort. Adjust the water temperature and volume with a simple push and turn to pamper yourself with a shower at a constant and comfortable temperature with ThermoComfort, even when cold water is used elsewhere in the house. Prevent accidental scalding, especially for the young and elderly, with ThermoSafe which caps water temperature at 49° Celsius and shuts off when cold water supply fails. As an added precaution, the EasySet Exposed Auto Temperature Mixer features CoolShield to ensure the faucet body is always cool to the touch to prevent any instances of scalding when come into contact.

If you’re building your first home or planning an upgrade to your current homestead, the bathroom space design plays an important role in your wellness experience at home. Choosing mood-boosting colors for you and your family can transform your basic toilet and bath into a personal sanctuary – something that you will love to come home to every day, and a space you and your family will enjoy being in. 

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