Friday, October 13, 2023

PLDT promotes responsible use of Smart Home tech and AI for families

Now more than ever, digital technology is changing the world at a faster pace, with that change happening right at our doorstep with the growing availability of Smart Home solutions and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Smart Home solutions and AI offer a variety of benefits to consumers, including convenience, comfort, productivity, and security. These breakthroughs are seen to further diversify and continuously impact people’s lives standard of living.

As access to Smart Home technology and AI applications increasingly becomes universal, consumer education on responsible use gains greater importance. Consumers need to understand these technologies, particularly digital solutions that connect into their homes and interact with their families and loved ones.

Recognizing its role in enabling families to foster meaningful connections at home and in line with its commitment to do business responsibly, PLDT held a session called “Family Perspectives on Smart Home and Artificial Intelligence” at this year’s Philippine Digital Convention at the Manila Marriott Hotel.

Together with PLDT Home ambassadors Edric and Joy Mendoza, industry partners Microsoft Philippines’ PR and Communications Head Josh Aquino and eufy and Anker’s Assistant Brand Manager Marinel Emeres Pascual, as well as technology advocate Ramon Isberto, PLDT Home’s Evert Miranda led conversations about the impact of Smart Home technology and AI to family life, parenting, and home security. The brand also talked about their 24/7 cyber security operations and highlighted the importance of responsible use of these technologies.

“As we enable access to these evolving digital solutions, our thrust at PLDT is to ensure that each connecting customer and end-user gets to fully maximize the benefits of technology, while being safe and protected from potential threats and harms online,” said Angel Redoble, First Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer at PLDT.

This session aligns with the PLDT Group’s agenda for Sustainability, particularly supporting focus areas on digital inclusion, cyber security, customer welfare, and child protection.

“Sustainability for PLDT is not just about managing our environmental impact and taking action on climate, it is also about staying true to our purpose of delivering meaningful connections to our customers, helping narrow the digital divide among Filipinos, and doing business responsibly,” said Melissa Vergel de Dios, First Vice President, Chief Sustainability Officer, and Head of Investor Relations at PLDT.

“A digital and sustainable future is one that makes use of technology to enhance our way of living, fosters responsible use of our shared natural and digital resources, and thrives on collaboration among generations and across sectors,” she added.

Thank you so much PLDT for the invite! I learned a lot about using the internet to our advantage for the family, as well as surfing the web safely for our bagets. 

The PLDT Group continues to enable the transformation of the Philippines into a Smart Nation, by building smart cities and starting with one smart home at a time.

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