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Flavo Rosa and LBC:A Partnership for Growth

Businesses rooted in creativity and craftsmanship often go through a tug-of-war. On one side, there’s the passion and artistry where the brand is rooted on; on the other, the complex logistics required to run it and turn it into a lucrative venture.


Both aspects are equally critical to its success, but for many businesses, focusing on one often means neglecting the other. Yet Flavo Rosa, a brand synonymous with tradition and quality in Barong Tagalog pieces, still managed to find its rhythm by partnering with LBC Express, Inc. And it was through this collaboration that Flavo Rosa managed to keep its artistic passion alive while ensuring that the company’s operations were in trusted hands.


A Tradition Revived


It all started with Mrs. Mercedita Antenor Paraiso's vision. Deeply influenced by Lumban's longstanding tradition of hand embroidery and Barong crafting, it inspired her to start her own venture and Flavo Rosa was born.


With a consistent focus on quality and a goal of preserving the authentic designs of Lumban Barongs, she started her entrepreneurial journey in her own home. Initially, she simply sourced barong materials from established business owners, displaying them in a modest glass stand within her home and offering them to friends both locally and overseas. But as time progressed and she slowly familiarized herself with the nuances of the business, she began collaborating with skilled Lumban Bordadoras, and started producing her own materials. In time, this collaboration would demonstrate the value of partnerships for her business. Aling Baby, along with the many skilled embroiderers of Lumban, Laguna would ultimately serve as her business’ angel– helping her establish the impeccable craftsmanship of her line and allowing her to reintroduce traditional and classic barong designs, garnering admiration from clients both in the Philippines and abroad.


And as more and more people got introduced to her work, word spread about the exceptional quality and authenticity behind Flavo Rosa’s barongs. Over time, the brand not only drew customers from various parts of the Philippines but also began to get noticed internationally.


Navigating the Digital Era


To say that the pandemic threw a wrench in Flavo Rosa’s thriving operations just as it was starting to find its footing in a larger market is an understatement. Like most businesses, the brand found themselves in uncharted territory when COVID hit. The usual methods of operation were suddenly rendered ineffective or obsolete. And Flavo Rosa, deeply reliant on traditional channels of selling, faced the same challenge. However, instead of seeing it as a setback, they saw an opportunity to evolve.


Recognizing the potential of the digital space, Flavo Rosa made the strategic decision to expand online. This shift not only made their products more accessible but also introduced their unique Barongs to a whole new audience. Their digital presence became a virtual showcase, allowing customers to appreciate the intricacies of each piece from the comfort of their homes.


The move proved beneficial. Despite the uncertainty of the times, there was a clear demand for their Barongs. A significant portion of this demand came from couples who, despite changing wedding plans due to the pandemic, still desired to incorporate traditional Filipino elements into their ceremonies. The online platform enabled Flavo Rosa to cater to these needs, ensuring that traditions were honored despite the pandemic and allowing them to maintain operations as well as provide steady employment to their bordadoras despite the pandemic.


LBC: A Key Partner Behind Flavo Rosa's Growth


Flavo Rosa's growth trajectory meant reaching out to wider audiences and dealing with the complexities that came with it. One of the biggest concerns was the complicated logistics that was required to deliver the finished pieces. Barongs are made from notoriously delicate fabrics. These weren’t just regular deliveries; they needed exceptional care as they crossed cities and oceans. They needed to reach customers in impeccable condition.


The unique demands behind Flavo Rosa’s deliveries required the expertise and experience of a courier who could be trusted with such precious cargo. Enter LBC—who became an essential partner in Flavor Rosa’s journey to success. .  


Their unwavering focus on quality service meant that each Barong, packed with craftsmanship and tradition, was treated with the respect it deserved. The end goal was simple yet crucial: ensure that when the customer opened their package, what they saw mirrored what was crafted in Flavo Rosa's workshops.


LBC's commitment didn't stop at routine deliveries either. When faced with tight schedules and demanding schedules they stepped up. One standout moment saw an LBC delivery personnel ensuring a Barong reached a groom just before his big day. And if that demonstrates anything for both Flavo Rosa and its customers, it’s that LBC’s deep-rooted dedication to their partners and their clients means they will do whatever it takes to get the job done.


Balancing Creativity and Efficiency


Flavo Rosa's success showcases how a business can uphold its traditional values and work towards its vision, while adeptly navigating the challenges of a modern marketplace. While they continued to honor the intricate art of Barong-making, they also recognized the importance of adapting to current business landscapes, and the result is a business that managed to delicately balance two of the most important aspects of their business—creativity and efficient operations.


The collaboration with LBC became a cornerstone of their operational success. Entrusting LBC with the logistical aspects allowed Flavo Rosa to channel their efforts solely into the creation of their craft. And it is through this partnership that the brand will continue to craft its masterpiece.

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