Thursday, February 22, 2024

Give the gift of ginhawa to your loved ones with Generika Drugstore’s MEDPadala

In the Philippines, where families are often separated by distance, sending gifts has always been one of the ways to express love and care.  This is true for many Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), separated from their families in the Philippines. Similarly, this sentiment extends to individuals who choose to work away from their hometown, whether relocating to Manila from their province and vice versa, creating distance away from their loved ones.

Meeting the challenge of selecting a gift that seamlessly combines thoughtfulness and practicality has been simplified with Generika Drugstore's MEDPadala, an electronic gift certificate (e-GC) designed for the purchase of medicines and other essential medical supplies within the Generika Drugstore network.

With MEDPadala, Filipinos now have the power to send the gift of ginhawa to their families who are miles away. This can be sent as a gift whether birthdays, holidays, or a simple yet profound expression to say “I care about you.” 

Generika Drugstore's commitment to affordability ensures that your MEDPadala goes a long way, allowing you to make a significant impact on your loved ones' health without breaking the bank. The savings of up to 85% on Actimed Generics and Nutrawell Supplements versus their branded counterparts mean that even a modest amount can provide a substantial supply of healthcare essentials.

Buying or sending MEDPadala can also be done with these three simple steps:

Buy the MEDPadala e-GC at any Generika Drugstore branch or visit

Send the MEDPadala code and PIN via SMS or email.

Present the code and PIN to any Generika Drugstore branch to purchase medicines or medical supplies.

Let your loved ones know that you’re thinking about them by sending them a MEDPadala. For more information, visit



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