Thursday, March 14, 2024

The TechLife Notebook Series are designed to boost your productivity in school and at work

Nowadays, laptops have become a necessity for everyday individuals wanting to be productive at home, work, and school. The best option for casual users are laptops made for productivity, especially if they’re not after the heavy-duty specs meant for gaming, business, or editing.

Cue the TechLife Notebook Series - the TechLife Notebook and TechLife Notebook S are specially designed for students and young adults looking for a trustworthy laptop that can handle multitasking activities for everyday use.

Aside from the fact that it’s lightweight and easy to carry thanks to its 15.6mm slim design, the TechLife Notebook Series gives users the best value for money in terms of specs.

Both notebooks use Intel®l i3 Core processors, but the TechLife Notebook has the 11th Generation while the TechLife Notebook S has the 12th Generation so rest assured that it can easily handle tasks for school and the office - such as making presentations, writing papers, attending online meetings, email correspondence, and tracking projects, among others.

After a day of working and being productive, the TechLife Notebook Series are also perfect to use for leisure and downtime activities. Each device has a 14” display that will let users immerse themselves in binge-worthy series, plus the Intel® UHD Graphics will provide the best image and video quality output.

Both notebooks are equipped with 8GB RAM but the TechLife Notebook has 256 SSD Storage while the TechLife Notebook S has slightly higher storage capabilities with 512GB SSD. They can run multiple apps efficiently even in the background.

For users who like working at cafes or on the go, battery life is important to consider. Both Notebooks can last up to 8 to 10 hours, but they use different charging types - specifically, the TechLife Notebook uses 65W DC Charging while the TechLife Notebook S uses 60W Type C Charging.

The TechLife Notebook in Black retails for P24,999 while the TechLife Notebook S in the color Silver costs P29,999 - making both devices a great option for laptops that won’t break the bank.

This Midmonth Payday Sale, the TechLife Fam can get the TechLife Notebook S for P1,500 OFF when they check out from TechLife’s official TikTok Shop and Lazada Flagship Store from March 13 to 14. At the same time, other TechLife devices will be available for up to 60% OFF for a limited time only.

Meanwhile, the TechLife Fam can also buy the TechLife Notebook from any offline TechLife stores nationwide.

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