Thursday, April 18, 2024

Scoops of Goodness for Every Juan

Summer in the Philippines screams the loudest for ice cream. As the country’s heat index continues to peak, it makes the dessert more of an irresistible necessity than an occasional treat by many Filipinos.

However, here’s the scoop: many are skipping the goodness of ice cream to cool down either because they’re lactose-intolerant or their lifestyles just call for more nutritious and more ethical alternatives.

This is what Japanese food manufacturer Glico with its Almond Koka brand and homegrown business Gelato Manila aim to address, as both believe that finding equally delicious and healthy ice cream must be a “no-sweat” job for Filipinos. Hence, they formed a collaboration to come up with a line of plant-based gelato where indulgence meets health during the country’s hottest season.

Providing Filipinos deliciously healthy choices

Glico’s Almond Koka is the best-selling almond milk in Japan, boasting a superior taste and top-notch nutrition from its Vitamin ​​E content that is 100% of the daily requirement. Now available in the Philippines, Glico is eager to provide the freedom to enjoy delectable food and drinks made with their Almond Koka products, while not compromising the health needs of Filipinos. 

Whipping up some plant-based coolness with Almond Koka is Philippines’ premium gelateria, Gelato Manila. Co-founded by world-renowned gelato maker Chef Zarah Manikan, the brand is known for its expertise in creating healthier Filipino gelatos using only natural ingredients sourced from local farmers and neighboring communities.


‘PINAS-Sarap’ with Almond Koka

The Pinoy Plant-Based Gelato by Almond Koka x Gelato Manila consists of plant-based versions of three well-loved Filipino ice cream flavors, all made with quality ingredients and Almond Koka milk products. Each flavor makes a good addition to any diet while beating the record-breaking heat.


As the Philippines is home to arguably some of the world’s best mangoes, the collaboration did not miss the opportunity to include Mangga Koka in their line of gelato. It’s made with fresh ripe mangoes churned with Almond Koka Original for a vibrant-tasting healthy treat.


On the other hand, Almond Mantikilya is a roasted almond butter gelato that has a bolder and nuttier flavor from the Almond Koka Unsweetened. It truly captivates Filipinos’ fondness for sweet indulgence with a surprising twist: it’s actually low in sugar!


Nothing puts anyone in a better mood than a scoop of good chocolate gelato. So completing the trifecta is Kokoa, which has the decadence of deep and rich chocolate from the finest cocoa and Almond Koka Chocolate. This flavor not only soothes the soul but also remains a healthy way to conquer a scorching day.

The Pinoy Plant-Based Gelato by Almond Koka x Gelato Manila will be available as a sampler set of all three flavors for only P450 from April 18, 2024 until June 2024 at and in selected One World Deli stores.


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