Monday, April 29, 2024

This image is more serious in black and white

Take a moment to look at this photo, snap a shot on your phone if you will, and turn it into black and white. What do you see?

Such is the reality often overlooked by the world today. With over 170 trillion plastic particles afloat in the oceans, marine life has suffered tremendously, leading to hundreds of thousands of lifeless animals washing ashore every year.

This is the dark truth behind colorful, convenient plastics.

The Philippines generates 2.7 million metric tons of plastic waste every year. 20% of that is disposed directly into the oceans, making the country the world’s third largest ocean polluter.

But it is not yet too late to make a change.

The Global Plastics Treaty can be a gamechanger.

Greenpeace Philippines calls for a strong and ambitious Global Plastics Treaty—a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to urge world leaders to impose regulations to end plastic pollution and curb the ever-growing severity of its impact.

When put in black and white, the Global Plastics Treaty can, among others:

·      end plastic pollution from production to disposal

·      cap and phase down plastic production

·      ensure a just and inclusive transition to a low-carbon, zero-waste, toxin-free, reuse-base economy

·      advocate for a human rights-based approach that will help address the inequalities and imbalance experience amongst people, environment, and the community

How will this impact the world?

The Global Plastics Treaty won’t only help protect the lives of the world’s colorful marine animals. It will also benefit people, too—curbing microplastics in our bodies, eliminating toxins from burnt plastic in the air, bringing forth sustainable livelihoods even for marginalized communities, and so much more.

Let’s push for a strong Global Plastics Treaty now.

Small steps over time can create big changes long-term. A single petition signature at can help the world get closer to a plastic-free future. Sign and show your support today!

In case you haven’t checked, this is how it looks in black and white.

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