Friday, May 24, 2024

Cebuana Lhuillier Gold Bar Unveils Second Design of Yaman ng Lahi Collection

Get ready to be dazzled as Cebuana Lhuillier Gold Bar, the first minted gold bar in the Philippines, is about to unveil its latest masterpiece on May 24, 2024! Building on the phenomenal success of the "Reyna Juana," a homage to the illustrious Cebu queen, this eagerly awaited release promises to elevate the art of gold bars to new heights.

Prepare to be captivated by a symphony of Filipino culture meticulously crafted into a single gold bar- Bayanihan. It's an embodiment of the soul-stirring Filipino values, exuding passion, resilience, and malasakit.

Feast your eyes on the breathtaking design, a vibrant tapestry of iconic symbols intricately woven together. Each element tells a story of communal strength, unwavering spirit, and boundless hope. From the awe-inspiring display of Bayanihan, illustrating the power of unity, to the graceful Anahaw leaf symbolizing the indomitable spirit of the Filipino people, every detail is a testament to the richness of Filipino heritage.

Behold the radiant Sinag ng Araw, a beacon of optimism illuminating the path to a brighter tomorrow. Marvel at the humble Bahay Kubo, a humble abode echoing with the laughter of generations past, reminding us of the simple joys of life and the importance of kinship.

And what's a Filipino masterpiece without the majestic Coconut Tree, standing tall as a symbol of abundance and prosperity, rooted deeply in the fertile soil of Filipino tradition?

"As we unveil our second gold bar collection, we celebrate not only the rich heritage of the Philippines but also the enduring values that unite us. This new design is a testament to our collective spirit, resilience, and hope for a brighter future" adds Jean Henri Lhuillier, President and CEO of Cebuana Lhuillier

This second gold bar release in the Philippines is not just a marvel of craftsmanship; it's a collection of nostalgic Filipino artisan gold worth seizing. This gold bar represents a historic milestone, poised to become a coveted collector's item.

Beyond its cultural significance, collecting this premier piece offers a unique addition to any gold collection, celebrating Filipino craftsmanship and heritage. With its rarity, beauty, and enduring value, acquiring this inaugural gold bar is not just a purchase—it's a piece of history and nationalism right at the palm of your hands.

Available in both 18K and 24K variants, with weights ranging from 5 grams to 10 grams, Cebuana Lhuillier's latest offering transcends mere precious metal—it's a testament to the enduring values that have shaped the Filipino identity for centuries.

So, mark your calendars and be part of history as we celebrate the timeless beauty and resilience of Filipino culture with Cebuana Lhuillier's sensational new gold bar!

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