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Home Credit Philippines: The financial ally for every Filipino

With a customer base of over 10 million, Home Credit Philippines (HCPH) serves a wide range of Filipinos, with 78% percent of its sales coming from customers residing outside the National Capital Region. Recognizing the diversity within its customer base, Home Credit has developed offers tailored to resonate with various segments, aiming to empower their lives.

In a recent event held by HCPH, Sheila Paul, Chief Marketing Officer of HCPH, mentioned that to provide financial and credit opportunities to Filipinos during peak shopping seasons, HCPH banners three year-round major campaigns where customers can purchase their products with great deals, including 0% interest installment rates: Summer Campaign, Back-to-School Campaign and Holiday Campaign.

“We create campaigns with our diverse customer base in mind. Our initiatives to make financial solutions more accessible through our campaigns enable them to live the life they desire. We are grateful that our efforts are well-received by our customers, and we consider their recognition of our campaigns as a testament to our commitment to providing only the best initiatives that can truly benefit Filipinos,” Paul added.

Trusted partner for lifestyle products

Over the years, the increasing trust of Filipinos also meant an increase in demand to finance more and more commodities and high-ticket items for its customers. What was initially just four commodities—smartphones, televisions and computers and laptops—grew and diversified to more than 80 types of commodities now, the widest selection for any consumer finance company in the country. Some additional commodities include tablets, e-bikes, motorcycle necessities, musical instruments, furniture, farming equipment and medical needs, among others.

This growth in the types of commodities financed over the years were driven by strong partnerships with the most trusted brands and retail stores in the country, some of which were present as collaborators during the event to celebrate HCPH’s milestones and welcome its new decade: Abenson, Acer, Cellboy, Digimap, Imperial Appliance Plaza, Octagon, Power Mac  Center, Samsung, and Silicon Valley.

Top-selling commodities over the years

In the past years, the commodity with the most units sold by HCPH is mobile phones, with over 12 million units sold. In 2023 alone, the company facilitated installment financing of 12.5 million units of mobile phones worth P30 billion, with iPhone being the top brand sold, accounting for P6B worth in overall sales.

Apart from mobile phones, HCPH has also financed three other top commodities over the years: televisions with 1.2 million units sold, computers and laptops with 900k units sold, and aircons with 500k units sold.

These remarkable numbers are driven by the company's 0% interest deals across its product range. For instance, Home Credit’s introduction of its Summer Campaign’s 0% interest promo on cooling appliances and other home essentials helped Filipinos survive the unforgiving heat through the 1000+ per day air-conditioners that the company has sold since the middle of March.

New way for Filipinos to shop

Filipino customers' shopping behavior have dramatically changed over the years with online shopping becoming a preferred way to get information and buy products. According to a study conducted by Agile Data Solutions Inc., Filipinos’ consumer behavior prefers in-store shopping over online one, with 77 percent of Filipinos still prefer in-store shopping for unknown products.  The recent pandemic, however, has also opened them to the world of online shopping deals, where customers utilize online shopping platforms to do price research and get deals, and do physical shopping for sensory appeal and visceral experience.

As Filipinos increasingly adopt the digital lifestyle, Home Credit also underwent a digital transformation journey to enhance its customer service and provide easy access to its products, deals, and locations of partners shops via mobile phones. HCPH introduced, an online platform where customers can discover over 50,000 deals and select them from over 500 merchants, in three easy steps. gives customers the opportunity to look for the commodity they need, search for the best deals, and choose their preferred store from HCPH’s more than 50,000 partners shops nationwide.

As Home Credit enters a new decade, the company remains committed to its mission of empowering more Filipinos through more financial solutions, more store locations, more innovative technologies and more customer-centric services. It will continue to make credit opportunities more accessible and remain as every Filipino’s financial ally, para sa life.

To know more about the latest updates from Home Credit Philippines, visit its official website, You may also follow its official FacebookInstagram, and TikTok accounts. Customers may also visit to browse the latest 0% interest deals. To take the first step to apply for an installment, they may also download the My Home Credit App on Google Play. 

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