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Kids enjoy an unforgettable day of joy, smiles, and fun at Jollibee’s Ngiting Walang Katulad Kids’ Day

Last May 21, members of the media and their kids were invited to a special event full of jolly faces, fun activities, and their favorite Jolly Spaghetti at Jollibee’s Ngiting Walang Katulad Kids’ Day held at the Mind Museum in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

The Ngiting Walang Katulad Kids’ Day was a big day for kids who attended, which also included children from Asociacion De Damas De Filipinas, an orphanage dedicated to taking care of kids in need of homes.

Guests took on fun puzzles, art activities, and many games related to Jolly Spaghetti. These included the Spaghetti Limbo, where players had to pass under a Jolly Spaghetti noodle to win each stage. On the other hand, the Cheesy Cha-Cha Challenge had each participating pair show off their dance moves. The final challenge, Spaghett-astic Sprint, was a very energetic Jolly Spaghetti relay that capped off the day’s line-up of games.

Afterwards, the kids toured the museum to see its fascinating exhibits, from animals and colorful plants to the wonders of the human body. It was a fun and educational day all around!

Making the day extra special was the surprise appearance of the Arellano family, the newest Jolly Spaghetti ambassadors. Iya, Drew, and their kids gamely joined in the fun and participated in many activities, spending valuable time and creating new joyful memories and bonds with everyone.

(L-R) Dennis Reyes, Jollibee PR, Partnerships and Sustainability Head, Elise Maog, PR, Partnerships and Sustainability Officer, Iya and Drew Arellano, Jolly Spaghetti Brand Ambassadors, Joseph Aruta, Marketing Director, Kat Facun, Brand Manager, Hannah Arago, Assistant Brand Manager.

“A kid’s smile is precious and infectious, and it has the power to bring joy to anyone’s day. Add their favorite sweet-sarap Jolly Spaghetti in the mix and kids can create wonderful memories of joy that will stick with them and their loved ones for a long time,” said Iya Arellano.

“Enjoying Jolly Spaghetti with my kids always brings special and colorful moments worth cherishing. I hope its sweet-sarap goodness continues to bring even more joy to kids and become a part of their special moments,” said Drew Arellano.

And of course, the event would not be complete without everyone’s favorite mascots Jollibee and Hetty, who brightened up everyone’s day and gave happy faces that will surely leave memories with every child present.

“Just like everyone’s favorite Jolly Spaghetti, we wanted to make a day where we can enjoy all of our favorites, and bring “ngiting walang katulad” to everyone,” said Kat Facun, Jollibee Brand Manager.

With the Ngiting Walang Katulad Kids’ Day, Jollibee continues to spread joy and bring the Ngiting Jolly Spaghetti to children, showing that langhap-sarap food paired with jolly memories can brighten anyone’s day and make unforgettable memories.

Bring more joy to your kids by trying out fun bonding activities made sweeter by Jolly Spaghetti, and share your sweet-sarap experiences online!

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