Friday, June 28, 2024

Experience real chocolate goodness anytime, anywhere with Red Ribbon’s Choco Cake Slice

What sets a truly delicious and memorable chocolate cake apart? It's the richness of real chocolate made from quality cacao beans. Red Ribbon’s Chocolate Cakes have that rich chocolate flavor that has kept Filipinos coming back for more over the decades.

Red Ribbon’s chocolate cakes offer an unparalleled taste that first teases the taste buds and then satisfies the palate. You get the right balance of sweetness and rich cacao flavor that chocolate dessert lovers enjoy indulging in.

So, on days when you crave a delicious cake treat on the go, the Red Ribbon Choco Cake Slice is all you need to mark the best part of your day.

This snackable version of Red Ribbon’s best-tasting chocolate cakes delivers the same rich chocolate flavor we all love. Capturing the real cake goodness with every slice, it makes you feel as if you're indulging in a full-sized Red Ribbon chocolate cake, but in a perfectly grab-and-go slice.

These go-to cake slices are also available in different flavors. You can enjoy the mocha and vanilla flavor of the Chiffon Cake Slice as a sweet treat or try out the vanilla and chocolate chiffon goodness of Double Dutch with choco chips and mallows.

Enjoy real cake goodness from Red Ribbon’s Cake Slices for only P37! Visit your nearest Red Ribbon store or order through, the Red Ribbon App, foodpanda, or GrabFood.

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