Monday, April 4, 2011

Hollywood Themed Party

My family and I were invited to attend a themed debut party. A black tie Hollywood Red Carpet themed. It was held at The Events Place, Tomas Morato.

 I must say it was fun to see your friends (older & younger generation) glammed it up. The younger gen. (not all) wore a plunging kung plunging neckline dress, haha :D the oldies naman mejo modest and naka-long gown. I wore a jane-ish (one sided off shoulder) black dress & my new So Fab! shoes.

wacky family

The Events Place

ADORBS!! si justin bibor daw sya..kyoooot =D

with my 3 favorite people: my hubby, little princess and my sister

I hang out with these gels practically everyday- cousins, family friends and my aunt :)

dress: multi-way missessentials || bag: gifted || accessories: missessentials

shoes: cut-out So Fab!

The place was nice. It can hold atleast  200 guests. but you can't serve buffet because the place was small.  The food is another story. i don't know why. its cold, weird looking, tasteless and bland. We talked to the celebrant and her family & they are so disappointed with the food too. prior to the party they had their food tasting with the place's catering service. they said it was delish, hot,  presentable and mind you expensive. too bad it added to the stressed of the family esp. to the celebrant. d na maibabalik pa. 

If you're going to rent the place, i suggest you get a different catering services. the waiters and service people parang d alam ang gagawin. taranters sila, nagkakagulo at maingay. to think na we started late and the food was served way, way late. Oh well, good thing we looked so glammed up, so we busied ourselves with fotoloco booth, haha. all well that ends well :)

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