Saturday, May 14, 2011

Philippine Fashion Week 2011: SM Parisian

warning: photo heavy! :)

My friends & I were invited to attend the SM Bags & Shoes fashion show at the Philippine Fashion Week in SMX. But tough luck because we were fashionably late-BOO! :( It started around 6pm & we arrived in MOA at 6:30pm. We were so bummed. FAIL! We thought its going to start at around 7:30pm just like the last 2 fashion shows last year. So, we assumed same time, same late-haha!

While we were roaming around in MOA & bumming around we thought (and my cousin called) what the heck! So, we decided to still go to SMX to have our pictures taken & just people watched, haha! But lo-and-behold while I was taking pictures of Parisian Shoes, a lady approached me and asked me if i was wearing a Parisian Shoes and I said yes. (i recently bought a parisian nude clogs. too cute to pass up!) She asked me if she can have my picture taken and guess what?? She gave me a voucher of FREE SHOES OF PARISIAN after that (gasp!)! Not only that, all of my friends who were with me were also wearing Parisian Shoes(d naman kami masayadong fan-haha!). So all of us have vouchers . YAY!! We were ecstatic!! God must have felt our sadness and he sent us a blessing! :)

Well, enough of chit chat. Here are some of the photos of SM Parisian Shoes = SHOEGASMIC! :)

I'm glad lume-level up na ang Parisian. And affordable too take note! :) They are now available in SM Department Stores.

with my gels Kai & Rache

the "winning" shoes-lol! :D

top: miss essentials || pants: thrifted || shoes: Parisian Nude Clogs || bag: bangkok
Parisian Shoes Gift Voucher, Yayness! :)
 Now, what do you think should i get??? hhmmm... HELP! :)



Hazel☺ said...

ZOOOOMGGG!!! i guess you were still lucky afterall! as in any shoes or may amount lang? :P

Shopgirl Jen said...

any shoes as long as it is Parisian. hard to choose nga e, buti na lang till june 30 ung voucher :)

Haze said...

Shoe heaven!


mera said...

omg lucky girl.. i must say bongang bongga na talaga ang parisian ngyon!!I'M A FAN PF PARISIAN too..swear the shoes are sooo lovely!!! followed you!:)

Pineapple Monsters said...

Cute clogs! Congrats on your free shoes! :)


Laura said...

Wow, amazing shoes!!

Shopgirl Jen said...

Thanks girls! They are all amazing. I heard there will be lots of new designs coming out soon. Can't wait! :)