Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Outfit Diary: Orange you glad?

Is it summer again? It's hot all over the metro! Whew! Good thing I wore this orange polo. You see, I'm beginning to love color orange. But i think this is the only orange that I have, haha! I have this notion kasi na nakaka itim ang orange if you are on a morena or fair side, hehe! Boy, I was wrong! Actually, it brightens up a gloomy day & you feel fresh on a sunny day! :)

Anyway, I colored my hair using Luster by Kolours in Pamper Me Brown. I'm excited to share it to all of you. Will blog about it soon (or next). I am loving it! Super duper jet black kasi yung hair ko & coloring it parang gumaan sya, haha! :D

polo: The Landmark || jeans: greenhills || shoes: Parisian || bag: Tomato

So, do you have any orange clothes in your closet? feel free to share! :)




the only top i don't have is yellow..ouh wait i think i got 1. and it's missing pa haha! yay, ur hair is on a bun again:))

makeup,hauls, and anything under the sun! said...

the colors really goes well with your skin tone.. :) I looove the bag! :)

thanks for following me! followed you as well. :)

Shopgirl Jen said...

@wickermoss: Orange you glad you read this & you realized that your yellow outfit is missing? haha! see u soon! mwah! :)

@makeup, hauls, and anything under the sun!: thanks dear! :)