4th of July

by - Thursday, July 07, 2011

Celebrated 4th of July with my family since it was also my hubby’s birthday! Yay!  My hubby just wanted to relax, hang out & be lazy-Haha! We decided to hit the mall and had a quick late lunch at Bonchon. After that, we've met up with some friends for some afternoon delight. Thanks guys! You know who you are! :) 

love their interior

Since we’re still full come dinner time, I suggested that we eat at Cajun and ordered light meals. I’ve been craving for their Roasted Garlic Pasta with Shrimp ever since I tasted those months ago. Loved it! Good thing the birthday boy agreed haha! :D

While waiting for our order, they gave us popcorn muna. Mukhang gutom na si Sofi naubos nya agad, haha! Di naman halatang favorite din ni Sofi ang popcorn :D

We ordered Fish & Chips and of course my favorite-Roasted Garlic Pasta. Hubby loved the F&C. The fish was delish & perfectly cooked-not too salty or too oily.

Enjoyed the day just hanging out with my family! Love you two! :)

top: random | skirt: Forever 21 | shoes: Parisian | bag: Bangkok

Sofi took this photo of me. Thanks babe! I swear she knows na how to operate my digicam & even our cellphones. haha! Which reminds me..look:

This was taken a few months ago. Super funny! I thought she was still sleeping, haha! 

So, how's your week so far? Feel free to share loves! mwah! :)


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