Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sale x Sale x Sale

We are halfway 2011 & it's time of year again where every store is on Sale! Yay! As they say, wasakan ng bulsa-haha! But fret not! Here are some of the stores that offers not only 10% BUT also 30%, 50% and as big as 70% discounts! HOORAY!! So, are you ready? Read on!

Ensembles Midyear Sale: 
Marked down items up to 70% OFF on sale items & 50% OFF on Louis Claparols Collection. Want more? 10% OFF on Muniz Shoes & Accessories by Carmina Villaroel on all weekends of July!

Freeway Big Midyear Sale:
Enjoy a month-long sale up to 70% OFF & 30% OFF on selected National Artist Collector's Series. 

Solo Midyear Markdown Madness:
Visit Solo stores and check out loads of fab clothes on great discounts!

22 BC's Midyear Sale: 
Up to 50-70% OFF on markdowns & 10% OFF on regular items! Plus, you get a free garment bag for every minimum single receipt purchase of php3,500.

Visit them, ayt? Feel free to share your goodies! :) Happy Weekend loves!



Michelle said...

Ohmygosh!! What a bad time to have no money in my pockets. :-(

Shopgirl Jen said...

@mitch: gow! if malaki ang discount pwde. sayang ung difference from the original price. :)

The Beauty-Addict said...

thank you for sharing this jen! :D i hope i have time to go to the mall .. LOL at "wasakan ng bulsa" wasak na e :)) wala ng iwawasak pa

Unknown said...

uyy like! :-) as in any branches of ensembles?

Shopgirl Jen said...

@thebeautyaddict: ikr! ako pati bag wasak na! pero these sales are irresistable!! :)

@tin: yep! any branches! Go! up to 70% OFF!! :)

aringkingking said...

everywhere you look there's a sale, anuba! hehe

Anti said...

sale every where, ^^
it happens also in my City :)

vian said...

Im so loving month of July. MID YEAR sale!!! Kaso still naka Shopping BAN ako.But I guess may reason nako now. Like sabi mo. Early xmas shopping!!! :)