Outfit Diary: Embellished x Chain

by - Monday, July 04, 2011

We attended a church service then went to the mall after to shop till we drop unwind with family & friends. Like what I’ve said in my previous post(here), it’s SALE everywhere! Ang daming tao sa mall! Then I realized that maybe some people are already buying & stocking up gifts for Christmas. I read somewhere that the best time to buy Christmas gifts is every midyear sale. Whatchutink? :D Observant lang ako-haha! 

Anyhoo, here’s what I wore:

I love my fuchsia top. It has an embellished design on the shoulder pad. Too bad I forgot to take a close up photo :( Oh well maybe next time. 

Love the colorful chain bag too. It was a Christmas gift from my sister last year. She told me that she bought it months before (I think September) Christmas. O di ba? haha! Now I know that there are some people who buy and plan ahead.

top: random | dhottie: missessentials.multiply.com | shoes: So Fab! | bag: gifted

How's your weekend? Do you think it's wise to buy Christmas gifts as early as now? Did you score any goodies from the sale? Feel free to share!! :)


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