Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Join Kaisensei's First Blog Give Away

Show your love to my best cousin/my confidante/my best buddy/my encourager/best teacher by joining Kai's First Blog Giveaway!! YAY!! 

And you will win the following:
1. Dogtag Necklace by DETAILS - SM Accessories. (Gift that I got. Never been used.)
2. Red Wallet - M.I.C. - SM Accessories
3. Red Ring - M.I.C. by SM Accessories
4. Hair Clip - M.I.C. by SM Accessories
5. Vavalicious Perfume by TomatoI got this during the Launching of the Tomato Fragance Line Event.I haven't used it yet because I had really planned on using this for a giveaway!
6. Bath & Body Works Peach Citrus Body Lotion (2 fl oz)
7. Bath & Body Works Nectarine Mint Pocket Bac anti-bacterial hand gel (1 fl oz)Why Bath and Body Works? They have been my favorite lotion brand ever since I can remember.I love their  products and have plenty enough to share it with you all!
8. Purple Earrings bought during BU from Earth
9. Tony Moly Nail Polish Tony Moly Nail polish on photo is a sample only.I will buy a new one and probably not same color.

10.  Mystery item. Not included in the pic. TBA!

Until Aug 20, 2011 only!

Congratulations Kai on your first blog give-away. Love you!! :)) (love this photo-haha!)

So, what are you waiting for? JOIN NOW!! 


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Kaisensei said...

Thanks cuz! LOVE IT! MWAH!