Outfit Diary: Under the Spotlight

by - Thursday, August 04, 2011

cover up: thrifted | tank top: Forever 21 | clogs: Parisian

Here's what I wore when I went to the MYX event (read here). Actually, ang hirap humanap ng light or tamang angle for the outfitey. Laging fail, haha! Kasi naman ung mga spotlight e LOL! But, thanks to Kai (or was it Mae-kai's sister) who took this photo, nakahanap din kahit papaano :)

I love my ripped jeans here! I've been a fan of ripped jeans ever since my grunge days haha! But seriously, ripped jeans adds character to a simple outfit, dont'cha think? It was my sister who ripped this. Galing noh? :D Try it too!

Anyhoo, how's your week loves? Have you join Kai's First Blog Giveaway? Do join, ok? Awesome prizes awaits! :)


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