Saturday, August 20, 2011

Outfit Diary: Orange & Cream

Couture pose ni Sofi LOL! :D

shoes: oxfords from Archive Clothing

Love love this orange top! Eyesore ba? hehe! That's why I paired it with cream oxfords to toned down my colorful top. Whatchuthink? :)

Had a wonderful time hanging out with Gel & Kai last wednesday. Dinner at Army Navy (sorry no pix. was too busy to eat, haha! visit Gel's blog instead), then had milk tea at Gongcha. As usual, I ordered Gongcha Milk Chocolate with 70% sugar. Note to self: next time order another flavor!

Anyhoo, I brought Sofi with me kasi gusto daw mag papicture ni Gel sa kanya haha! :D I'm so happy to have gained another friend thru blogging! YAY! Hope next time madagdagan kami, hehe! :D 

Weekend again! Don't forget to go to Forever 21 & Privado at SM Accessories Sale! (Click those links for more info). Feel free to share your latest finds! :)

Enjoy your weekend & stay safe! :)



Anonymous said...

Sarap naman ng dinner nyo! :D

Wanna see you soon! :D

Wonder Woman said...

I went to the Forever 21 sale yesterday and went a lil crazy... Will post about it later. Haha. Just wanted to say that I love the orange top! I think you could've gotten away with it, even if you chose a more colorful pair of shoes. :)

MissGennD said...

ohhh I' love to meet Sofi too! I can be her new playmate since I'm just less than 50 steps away from you. =) Can I get her as my model for my children's wear in school? Plus points since she knows how to pose na. Hihihi! I love the oxfords Jen~ <3

Sweethestia said...

Wow i hear your meet ups from gelleesh. Will see you soon. just followed your blog po.

Btw: i just made an FB page.

Pineapple Monsters said...

Orange is totally not an eyesore! Your top looks great on you and all your friends are so fashionable!


sugar sugar said...

i could never pull off orange tops hahaha! although i actually have an ootd with orange everything! :P
i think orange looks good on you sis. :)