Food Trip: Frutti Froyo

by - Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Frutti Froyo is one of our favorite tambayan in Trinoma. I know I've blogged about them before, but just read this post & you'll know why I'm blogging about them again :) 

Frutti Froyo is a self service yogurt place.You get to put your own yogurt and their wide selection of toppings. Aside to the usual plain yogurt, they have flavored yogurt too like taro, blueberry, chocolate & more. They have toppings like chocolate chips, gummi bears, fruity pebbles, sliced almonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts, crushed graham crackers, corn flakes, mango, strawberry, mochi, ang a whole lot more! You can put syrup too if you want! Yum! For a php19 per ounce, this is a cheap thrill!

My usual order: plain yogurt, crushed grahams & sliced almonds

I want this! Sana may ganito ako sa bahay! hehe :P

And now, here's the reason why I'm blogging about them again hehe :D There's something new from Frutti Froyo! Introducing the Waffle Creations! Instead of eating from a cup, you can now put your yogurt in a waffle! Awesomesauce, right? And it's still php19 per ounce even with waffle! Super sulit! :)

Kai ready to create a masterpiece, haha!

Waffle + Yogurt + Crushed Grahams + Sliced Almonds + Strawberries + Peaches + Chocolate Syrup = YUMMMMMMMYYYYY!!! 

Try them if you haven't! I really love their interior too! Super colorful! Like their Facebook Fanpage for location near you! :)

If you tried it already, what's your usual order? Feel free to share! :)


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