Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Outfit Diary: Family Matter

dress: Bazaar
shoes: Pitter Pat

Can't help but include Sofi with my Outfit Diary post hehe :D Every time kasi I will have my Outfit Diary photo gusto din daw nya e hahaha! As in after my photo is taken sya din daw! So, as a supportive mommy, go lang to Sofi! Malay nyo ma-discover sya, haha! :D

This photo is too cute not to post. I think the convo between daddy & sofi is like this:
Sofi: daddy, why are we stopping?
daddy: let's just support mommy's blog
hahahahaha!!! Seriously, this is a "staged" pose! I asked my cousin to take this photo para maiba lang, hehe :D

This photo is not staged, haha

top: The Landmark
pants: Nayeli Boutique
accessories: SM Accessories; Random
bag: gift from my sister
shoes: Privileged

So, I want to take this opportunity to thank my husband for being supportive of my blog. For always waiting for me para lang makapag pa-picture ng outfit haha! To Sofi for being my #1 cheerleader! :) I love you two! :*  To the people na naabala ko to take my outfit photo (esp. to my cousins Kai, Mae, sister Jordy and even Sofi! Thank you girls! love you all!).

Anyway, how about you? who take your outfit/blog photo? I wanna hear your stories too. Feel free to share loves! :)



FashionistArchitect said...

wahaha. super cute ng "staged" family picture niyo. :) love it! and I love your shoes1 I want a pair! :)

Unknown said...

awwwww, your little girl is turning out to be quite the fasyownista already! that's cute! hmmm normally i just pester my friends to take my shots hahah:)


Anonymous said...

Ang galing talaga pumose ni Sofi! :D

Cute ng family pic! <3

Wonder Woman said...

I love the details of your pants. :)


Michelle said...


Pineapple Monsters said...

Sofi is so cute! And you're lucky to have a supportive family! Ako I force my sisters or my mom to take my photos. Hehe! :)


lori said...

haha. Sofi knows how to pose ha! purrfect! model in the making! haha

SunnyToast said...

Sofi is so cute...like mom fashionista rin:) I also love the details of your pants:)

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