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Outfit Diary: Archie Comics

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Here's Sofi's outfit diary! She's always game na game when it comes to taking her outfit photo, though I don't approve some of her pose, masyadong couture-ish! haha! :D

shirt: Greenhills
shorts: Greenhills
accessories: SM Accessories; Girlshoppe
bag: Tomato
shoes: Thrifted

Anyway, I told you, you'll be seeing a lot of this shoes! haha! :D This is what I wore when my family hang out in a mall. I love love my shirt! When I saw this shirt in greenhills I just have to buy it! I've been reading Archie Comics since my elementary days and up until now that I'm married. I love the Archie gang! Who wouldn't? Before I started reading and collecting fashion magazines, I have a few collection of Archie Comics stashed in my bookshelf. I still read them :) Will take a picture of my Archie collection next time! :)

Speaking of Archie, who do you like for Archie? Betty ore Veronica? I'm a Team Betty ever since. She's kind, sincere, & not your typical snotty blond girl! Her love for Archie is genuine and unselfish, unlike scheming Veronica haha!

How about you? Are you a Team Betty or Team Veronica? Do you read & collect Archie too? Feel free to share loves! :)


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