Thursday, September 15, 2011

Outfit Diary: Archie Comics

Here's Sofi's outfit diary! She's always game na game when it comes to taking her outfit photo, though I don't approve some of her pose, masyadong couture-ish! haha! :D

shirt: Greenhills
shorts: Greenhills
accessories: SM Accessories; Girlshoppe
bag: Tomato
shoes: Thrifted

Anyway, I told you, you'll be seeing a lot of this shoes! haha! :D This is what I wore when my family hang out in a mall. I love love my shirt! When I saw this shirt in greenhills I just have to buy it! I've been reading Archie Comics since my elementary days and up until now that I'm married. I love the Archie gang! Who wouldn't? Before I started reading and collecting fashion magazines, I have a few collection of Archie Comics stashed in my bookshelf. I still read them :) Will take a picture of my Archie collection next time! :)

Speaking of Archie, who do you like for Archie? Betty ore Veronica? I'm a Team Betty ever since. She's kind, sincere, & not your typical snotty blond girl! Her love for Archie is genuine and unselfish, unlike scheming Veronica haha!

How about you? Are you a Team Betty or Team Veronica? Do you read & collect Archie too? Feel free to share loves! :)



Swexie said...

My vote also goes to Betty! Hehehe!

Gie said...

ang cute tlga ni sofi!!MANA sa mommy!!!

Gellie Abogado said...

Love the shirt Jen and Sofi has so much potential as a couture model. Pero studies muna bago modelling career! :D

AVA TE-ZABAT♥ said...

I love betty. I never liked veronica! haha nice girl :D

You and sofi look sooo adorable!

Anonymous said...

Betty! Ka-rhyme kase ng becky! Haha! :P

I loooove Archie comics. :D

Shopgirl Jen said...

@swexie: yay! Team Betty ftw! :)

@gie: thanks! ganon talaga! haha :D

@gellie: haha! true! :)

@ava: hehe :D thanks! another point for team betty haha :D

@janinay: haha! borow/swap tayo hehe :D

Mar said...

Hahaha, I love Archie, and I'm for Betty too, but having Veronica's confidence would be great too, hahaha! I love your outfit here, totally rocker chic! And you have such an amazing daughter like Sofi, super cute! - Mar
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