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Outfit Diary: Hello Panda

Thursday, September 08, 2011

top: Greenhills
belt: SM
shorts: SM

top: Greenhills
shorts: Greenhills
accessories: SM Accessories; Random
shoes: Thrifted

Here's what Sofi & I wore when we went to Bonifacio High Street (read my previous post here). This is Sofi's 3rd outfit post (I think), haha! Thanks for the support & love for my daughter! :) I'm super touched that you find her cute, pretty, adorable, etc. Uhm..mana lang sya sa akin hahaha :D But seriously, Thank You! Thank you also for showing your love (to me & to my humble blog) through your comments & tweets! Love them all! Keep 'em coming, I'm cooking up something hehe! ;)  

Anyhoo, the shirt that I'm wearing is one of my favorite shirt.  Ain't the panda cute? :))) And the shoes is one of my favorite too nowadays. Due to our bipolar weather, this has become my staple shoes! So you'll be seeing them a lot :) 

How about you? Do you have a favorite shirt, jeans or shoes that you wear over and over again? Feel free to share loves! :)


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