Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Canon Pixma

Don't you just love this picture? I DO!! :) That's why when I attended the Canon Pixma event held in SM North Annex, I so want to take home all the printers!  

Do you still remember our Jurassic Park days when we need to "develop" the film for us to see our pictures? I can still remember the time that we have to wait at least 2 hours ma develop lang ang pics. Yeah, you can figure my age now-haha! But seriously, that time I never thought that pictures can be taken using digital camera and have our pictures develop right in the comfort of our home! Yay for technology! :)

You see, all my pictures are uploaded here in my laptop, picasaweb, flickr, multiply & facebook. But never ko sila napa print. I thought kasi na since all pictures are uploaded to these sites, I don't need to have a print-out picture. 

But, when I saw these printers, I want one too! I love all the results of the print-out!

Since Christmas is just around the corner, why not make parinig if someone can give me Canon Pixma printer as Christmas gift, right? hehe! :D

Of course the event will not be complete without pictures with some blogger friends! :))

with Krissy. Finally we have a picture together! :)

I'm so glad to see these girls! Myrted, Jes & Charles

I so love your bag Charles! I want one and in RED too! Since it's almost Christmas, I'm making parinig as well hehe! :D

Met Andee & Chai for the 1st time! Hi girls! 

Thank you to Canon, Kai, Ms. Thei and Nuffnang for inviting me to this event! 

Don't forget to avail the Canon Pixma Promo- read Here!

Happy week ahead loves!



Wonder Woman said...

I know, right? And sometimes our cameras would even eat the film and they wouldn't get developed at all!!! :( I cried a lot back in those days coz of that haha.


MAGGIE said...

Gone where the days that you need to keep the film if you need to recopy. BTW, Jen, I saw you in the event too but I was shy to approach you. hihihihi. Pero kita naman yung BF ko sa mga pics mo. Siya yung may suot na blue stripes. <3


forever kyoot k tlg Jen! nice to see you again !:)) bigHugS