Friday, November 18, 2011

Outfit Diary: Cherries on Top

top: Greenhills
shorts: Greenhills
bag: c/o Tomato
shoes: SM Parisian

Here's what I wore when I went to Smart Money event in Megamall and Christmas Lighting in Araneta. (I'll post the it next!). I remember that it was so hot that day and I was so undecided on what to wear. Parang lahat ng susuotin ko mainit! haha! Living in a tropical country, whenever I commute, I always carry a big bag for my blazer & jelly shoes in case umulan. Do you do that too? 

Anyway, have you seen the Giant Christmas Tree in Araneta? If not, you should! I brought Sofi (my daughter) there and she was all smile whenever she looked at the Christmas Tree! 38 days till Christmas! Are you ready? haha! :))



Alice said...

I loooove the top! :D I've seen the Christmas Tree in Araneta...its nice pero parang my kulang....haha! chos lang!

Wonder Woman said...

Cute top, mommy Jen! :)

Unknown said...

Yep! I always bring jelly shoes too! :) I'm wearing it also whenever my feet got tired from long hours of working. The top is so pretty! love it!

Love your blog! Following you now! Pls check out mine. lovelots! :)

sugar sugar said...

that's such a cute top sis! :D