Monday, November 7, 2011

Spotted at the Multiply Shopping Experience

Can't believe I haven't uploaded these photos! :(  Anyway, I went to the Multiply Shopping Experience with the girls! And I had a great time hanging out & picture, picture everywhere! hehe :))

After a long time, I'm so glad to see Tatie again! :) IMY girl! Sana next time mas matagal tayo mag usap! :)

It was nice to see Aubrey...

and Bianca again! Hi girls! :)

Picture picture! Jes & Genn! What is walang barya si Jes that night and nagkakagulo ang pag uwi? hahaha!

Finally! A picture with Dianne & Vian! Hi girls! :)

Group pic! Tin, Me, Keigh, Ava, Ana, Tatie, Angel and Rache!

I started blogging January of this year and can't believe the awesome people I have met already! :) Can't wait to meet more blogger friends! :)

Anyway, will announce the winner of my Biker Jeans tomorrow! Stay tuned! Have a blessed day everyone! :)



FashionistArchitect said...

i know right! :) love meeting new people too! :)

sugar sugar said...

i never get invited to events. :( haha!

all of you look very pretty. :3

Jes Roque said...

Waah! Binuking mo ako. :) Haha! Sige aamin na ako, ako talaga ang nagsimula ng kaguluhan nun. :)

Shopgirl Jen said...

@fashionistarchitect: so true! :)

@sugar: huwattt? how come? kahit beauty events? :(

@jes: o yes! hahaha :P