Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Outfit Diary: White Light Effect

dress: Forever 21
accessories: c/o SM Accessories
shoes: Bazaar

Here's what I wore when I went to Primadonna event (will blog it next). I love the box type were I had my picture. Astig noh? May white light effects pa. It's hard lang because blink ng blink ang lights on all side. Kelangan magaling kang mag timing hehe! :p  I can't remember if it was Gel, Kei or Mae who took these pix. Thanks girls! I told them too that I want one at home. Perfect for outfit photos haha! :D Will upload some pictures on my next post! 

And oh, I love the shoes also with animal print on the side(last pic.) I want to have that shoes in size 5!! :)) 

Anyway, I've been down with colds for the past 2 days :( But, thank God may boses na ulet ako :)

So, are you done with your Christmas shopping? If not yet, you may visit the World Bazaar today till the 18th at World Trade Center. Click here for more info. Happy Shopping!

Shopgirl Jen


Gellie Abogado said...

Jen I looove your mini-dress and the ribbon sa waist! See you soon! :)

belle said...

Ay gusto ko din ng box-boxan na yan!!! i love your pose!!! so ganda Mommy Jen!!!

Pineapple Monsters said...

Super cute dress! And ang galing naman nung box thingy! :)


Anonymous said...

nice... u look like a live mannequin.. :))