Food Trip: Papa John's

by - Tuesday, January 31, 2012

While the family were in Megamall, my hubby asked me where to eat for dinner. Since I was craving for pizza and Sofi wants some spaghetti, I asked if we can have dinner at Papa John's since hindi pa namin sya na-try. 

When we entered the place, we were just standing in the entrance waiting for a crew to approach us. I figured someone will approach us and ask for how many table or atlis will ask us to wait. I saw 5 tables available inside, but told my hubby to wait for awhile baka kasi may waiting list or something. There were only 3 crews in the dining and lahat sila busy, that's were we decided to go inside na lang and grabbed a table and chairs. 

It took us awhile to request for a menu, though we were trying to get the crew's attention. I thought, menu pa lang matagal na, how much more ang food. I was about to ask hubby and Sofi na lang to leave and find another place, nakahalata ata na patayo na ako when a crew gave us a menu. Finally! haha! :D 

Here's what we ordered: Mozzarella Sticks Php 129

Carbonara. Forgot the price :( I think around Php160-180

Super Papa's Pizza. Again, I forgot the price. But, we ordered the small one and I think the price was between Php 330-350

They served our food prompt naman. First, was the Mozzarella Sticks. It was ok. Sofi loved it though. Well, Sofi loves anything with cheese haha! Then they served the Carbonara after. The plate was small (same plate like the Mozzarella Sticks) for a Carbonara. I was used to regular plates kasi pag pasta e. I was a bit disappointed with the taste lang. Nothing special about the sauce and it's a bit dry for me. 

Pizza is another story. We. Loved. it! Loved the crunchiness of the bread. Yum!!  Loved the toppings too. When they served our pizza they also served melted butter and big green pepper. At first, I did not know what for. Again, I did not ask. Haha! I just followed the picture of our paper mat . I hesitated first about the green pepper. Though, I love anything chili (maanghang), sayang naman if hindi ko pa try, right? :) So, when I was done with my pizza, I bit (little only) the green pepper and dipped the crusty bread into the melted butter. It was so delicious! Loved it instantly! :))

Sofi and I while waiting for our order.

Too bad with the pasta, but maybe we'll give it another chance or order a different one. They deserve a second chance. :)  But, we will definitely go back for the pizza. 

To all Pizza lovers, try Papa John's and I'm sure you'll love the experience of eating Crusty Pizza + Green Pepper + Melted Butter. :))

Like Papa John's Facebook Fanpage for more info location. 

Are you a pizza lover? What's your fave? Feel free to share! :))

*all pictures from me
Disclaimer: Food Trip of Shopgirl Jen is not sponsored. This is not a food review. It's simply sharing my experience/fondness/love for food :))

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