Outfit Diary: Red and Biker Jeans

by - Friday, January 06, 2012

top: Greenhills
pants: c/o Nayeli Boutique
accessories: SM Accessories
bag: SM Department Store
shoes: Gifted

It's been awhile since I wore jeans. Here, I wore Nayeli Boutique's Biker Jeans in faded black. Love the design of this jeans and its fit. Since it's faded I decided to wear it with bright red top and red accessories. What do you think? Also, Sofi made an outfit photo too hehe! :D

It's Page 6 of 366. (hanggang kelan kaya mag trend ang Page of 366 sa Twitter? haha!) Did you make New Year's Resolution? I already made quarterly goals and plans for 2012 :D It's more believable that way and more reachable (for me) haha! :)

How about you, What have you done so far? Feel free to share! :))

Shopgirl Jen

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