Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tea Party & Fashion Show by DSO

I was invited to attend the Tea Party and Fashion Show by Dita Sandico Ong held at DSO Boutique, Greenhills. Every time I passed by San Juan, I always see Ms. Dita's boutique and curious on what's inside her store. So, when I finally had a chance to explore the place, can't help but admire her crafts. I love all the materials and all her designs.

As a distinguished fashion designer known for her unique hand-woven textiles and innovative designs, she thrusts forward yet another creative collection, one that touches the soul -Tea

Tea is the designer's advocacy for educating the youth on healthy living. She would like more Filipinos to take pleasure in drinking tea. 
Real leaves from the most aromatic flowers, Jasmine, Rose, Michelia Champaca, Lavander and Chrysanthemum, are now readily available to the young and old souls of Manila. She brings to us designer blends of floral teas inspired by famous historical women: Marie Antoinette, Frida Kahlo, Grace Kelly, Eva Peron and Audrey Hepburn.

AUDREY HEPBURN - Elating Blend
Inspired by the film and fashion icon of the 20th Century, this unique blend of Jasmine, Green Tea, Cinnamon, and Michelia Champaca is designed to uplift one's spirit. With the delightful flavor and aroma, this blend is recommended for anyone who wishes to live blissfully and stay young at heart.

EVA PERON - Rejunevating Blend
Inspired by the Argentinian actress turned first lady, this unique blend of Oolong Black Tea, Orange, and Lavender is designed to rejuvenate the senses. Fondly called as Evita, the spiritual leader of the nation, she was able to enliven the people to take action. Much like how  these powerful flavors can energize anyone who aspires to take on the world. Try it with MILK and enjoy a superb chai tea blend.

FRIDA KAHLO - Exhilarating Blend
Inspired by the eccentric Mexican painter, this premium and unique blend of Jasmine, cloves, star anise, cardamom and rose is designed to exhilarate and enliven the senses. The exotic flavors and aroma fuse together to transport anyone to one of Frida's surreal works of art.

GRACE KELLY Soothing Blend
Inspired by one of America's classic movie star turned Princess of Monaco. This premium blend of Chrysanthemum, lavender, and ginger is designed to calm and soothe the senses. Her serene highness makes rest and relaxation a royal endeavor.

MARIE ANTOINETTE - Invigorating Blend
Inspired by the decadent princess of France, this unique blend of michelia champaca, green tea, and star anise is designed to invigorate the senses with the battling of the strong and mild flavors. This is recommended for anyone who wants to indulge on frivolous escapades.

We were asked what Tea we want to taste first, I chose Frida Kahlo, since I saw her movie (hehe). The taste was a bit too strong for me. I'm not a frequent Tea drinker, but I like it sweet.  But, if you want a strong Tea, I suggest you try Frida Kahlo :)

After Frida Kahlo, I asked if what is the closest Tea in Chai Tea flavor. Then they gave me Eva Peron. This one I love! :) Not too sweet nor too strong. It has a hint of milk tea flavor.

As for the Fashion Show, it was obviously inspired by the 5 powerful women. The bright oranges and deep purples of her spring/summer collection, the fragrances of floral tea leaves, the stories of the women behind each blend, and the invigorating power of Tea all inspire and stir the depths of your soul.

I'm so glad to see these girls and share this special occasion with Kai (thank you for going with me :)) and Bec :)

It was nice to see Reg again :)

Tea, anyone? hehe! :D

Tea is now available in the DSO Boutique on Wilson Ave., Greenhills, San Juan. You may also place your orders at or text 0197-5790809.

How about you, are you a Tea drinker? Do you make your own Tea or buy? Feel free to share! :))

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Unknown said...

this looks cool :) too decent though, but the event was pretty filipiniana :)

Wonder Woman said...

Still sad I missed this :( You look great, though, Mommy Jen! :)