Thursday, March 29, 2012

Accessorize Yourself with Penshoppe

Paving the way for a more robust and diverse merchandise, leading fashion brand PENSHOPPE recently launched an expanded accessories line that will surely strike the fancy of their fashion-conscious fans.

The latest accessories collection includes a wide array of sophisticated items such as jewelry, shoes, belts, caps, scarves, wallets and bags. Prices are set at an affordable range to stay true to the PENSHOPPE promise of refined fashion taste to reach out to a wider market.

The new PENSHOPPE accessories collection offers a variety of pieces that will surely complement your daily casual wear. Whether it’s a colorful tote to match your dress, eye-catching jewelry to glam you up, or unique leather pieces to get that edgy look, PENSHOPPE’s newest accessories can instantly make a simple plain outfit into a chic and sophisticated get-up.

Bestselling items for ladies include the PENSHOPPE bags collection which features oversized leather colorblock bags (799.00) in bright and vivid hues. The canvas and leather shoulder bags (649.00) are also a hit especially this summer season with its practical yet very stylish designs.

Scarves (389.00) in different vibrant colors add a touch of class and sophistication to any casual wear. Partner it with fancy bangles (149.00) and colorful rainbow rings (279.00), plus comfy glam flats (749.00) and you ladies are sure to turn heads everywhere you go.

Dress up your footsies. Comfy glam flat for ladies are available in assorted colors. Get them all for only 749.00 each

Mix and match. Show off your fun and playful side with quirky rings and fancy bracelets (starts at 149.00). Get a handy shoulder bag (649.00) to complete your get up.

Color splash.  Match your outfit with oversized leather colorblock bags (799.00) and vibrantly hued scarves (389.00).

Glamorize. Fashion accessories (gold, silver and white), including assorted bangles, necklaces and rings, to make you stand out and glamorize any outfit.

Rocking it. Cool and unique black and silver pieces to reveal your daring and confident sides.

Mod glam. Classic and modern jewelry made affordable. Prices start at 249.00.

Swim in hues. Choose from a variety of colorful scarves to zest up your outfit.

Men, on the other hand, can choose among comfortable footwear options—sneakers (P999), espadrilles or canvas slip-ons (799.00). Assorted pieces such as leather cuffs (369.00) and leather necklaces (249.00) can also create a unique, edgy look. Wear them as they are or mix and match these accessories to show off your unique, personal style.

Made for comfort. Comfortable men’s shoes available in canvas slip-ons, espadrilles and sneakers. Price starts at 799.00.

Edge out. Show off your cool, edgy side and stand out with Penshoppe’s leather pieces and lace-up sneakers. 

Men’s choice. Get these fashionable men’s accessories to get that casual and stylish look that match your personality.   

PENSHOPPE continues to be at the forefront of casual fashion industry. With non-stop efforts to boost its already growing catalogue, PENSHOPPE reinforces its status as the preferred brand for casual wear, and now, for accessories as well.

Women's accessories  are now available at all PENSHOPPE stores nationwide while Men’s accessories and shoes are available in selected stores only. Check out the shop nearest you to view the latest collection.

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Hazel said...

wow penshoppe leveling it up!! ganda!! <3

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Wow... i love the shoes!!! so summer... will grab one na talaga grr.....

reyah said...

ang ganda ng flat ko toh!

Simone Lerwick said...

love it :D
i love the scarfs..whew summers here..