Friday, July 6, 2012

JC Buendia for Kashieca

I had an opportunity to attend Kashieca's collaboration with Filipino designer JC Buendia and had free styling tips from the designer. 
Can't help but admire all JC Buendia's design for Kashieca. They are very stylish, youthful, classic & affordable!  :))

Love this cardigan. Perfect for our weather, isn't it? :)

One of JC Buendia's design. Love the flow of the maxi skirt!

Knitted tops. 

Polka dots designs are one of my weaknesses, hehe :D

Cool Accessories

Gonna go back to Kashieca for some belt

The designer himself, JC Buendia

Loveeeeet that our local brands are now doing fabulous collaboration with our Filipino designers. Kudos to Kashieca and JC Buendia. What a great team! :)

Again, thank you Mr. Lawrence for the invite and to Mr. JC Buendia and Kashieca :)

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Have a great day! :)

Shopgirl Jen

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