Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Outfit Diary: Green Forest

dress: Bazaar
belt: The Landmark
accessories: Forever 21 and The Landmark
bag: Bazaar
shoes: People Are People

Here's what I wore when I attended a wedding last weekend. I love the design of my dress. It reminds me of grass and forest. And speaking of grass, I had a little accident last Saturday while wearing these heels.
I twisted my ankle while walking at the grassy area of the Church. I forgot that it rained earlier that afternoon. Tsk tsk! Learned my lesson the hard way that day, haha! Thank God it's not that painful anymore. :))

Anyway, let's welcome the month of May with a big bang! Can't believe we are almost done with the 1st half of the year!

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Have a great day!

Shopgirl Jen


Imdeb said...

Pretty cool outfit Jen.

Pinoy Wit said...

Oh wow. Look at those heels. No wonder you had an accident. I don't think I'd be able to move, much less walk in those. I totally salute your courage to wear those heels :D

Kathy Kenny Ngo said...

I loved the shoes. Very nice. I'd wear one of those when I lose weight. :)

shopgirljen said...

Thanks! :) I bet you can wear something like these today without losing weight. :)

shopgirljen said...

Haha! Thank you!! :)

shopgirljen said...

Thaaaaaaanks!! :)